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White Gold Vs. Silver – What’s the Difference?

White-Gold Vs Silver-BIXLER

When you are going to buy an engagement ring there are multiple factors that need to be looked before you finalize the ring.  One of those factors is choosing the metal that supports the gemstone of your engagement ring. There are many metals that are being used for engagement rings and wedding rings. Silver and white gold are two popular choices while designing a custom engagement ring or a wedding ring. One must focus on the likes of his or her partner along with some other things while choosing the metal. Here is the main difference between white gold vs. silver. Have a look:

White Gold vs Silver Differences:

White Gold: White gold is made with a mixture of yellow gold and some other white metals. When these metals are mixed together, it gives a fine look that is quite similar to silver. It gets the whitish looks from the added metals like nickel, zinc, and copper. Besides the whitish color, white gold jewelry will be needing the Rhodium metal coating which is plated with a platinum group metal rhodium. It will give the jewelry polishing, add strength, long-lasting quality, and shiny look like silver.

Silver: Silver itself is a metal that is used to make jewelry. Considering silver is soft, the jewelers use copper metal to mix with silver to make it strong enough to shape into different jewelry pieces. The Silver has a bright shiny look and considered as a budget-friendly alternative to white gold. Due to the percentage of these metals, the cost of a white gold metal ring may get higher, but it will look great.

How Can You Tell The Difference Between Silver and White Gold?

A finished look on any piece of silver jewelry or white gold jewelry looks exactly the same. That is the reason why an average person can’t tell the difference between silver and white gold. They look like made from the same metal. If you consider a controlled environment and see both metals, then you will see that silver is brighter from white gold. Unless you have some tricks up on your sleeves to identify silver and white gold, it is almost impossible to tell the difference between them.

White Gold Vs Silver, Which One is Better?

The answer to that question requires a brief overview of both the silver and the white gold. One has to weigh out the pros and cons to finally decide for him or her. There are some important factors on which we have differentiated the sterling silver and white gold. Let’s see the details:


White Gold Vs. Silver-BIXLER
Amethyst Pendant Necklace in Sterling Silver
  • Creation of Sterling Silver: When silver is mixed with copper, it ensures the strength of silver hence it is called as the sterling silver. It has 92.5% of pure silver and 7.5% impurity of some other metal. It is written as “0.925” so, it would be good to see the label while purchasing any silver item. At least you will know that these jewelry pieces are pure in their form.
  • Price: This sterling silver is one of the cheapest white metal to make jewelry items.
  • Shine: When silver is polished with the finished look it will be looking like a lustrous shiny object. When it is used regularly, it will tarnish and need cleaning often. When you take a look closely at both jewelry items, it will be clear that silver is brighter and more different from white gold.
  • Durability: If it is worn too much, then there is a chance that its shape will change than its original shape.  
  • Limitations: Silver can be worn anytime on any part of your body. it doesn’t have any side effects. In fact, it is skin-friendly.

White Gold

  • Creation of White Gold: White gold has replaced yellow gold mostly in engagement rings, wedding rings, and so many other jewelry pieces. Just like silver, white gold is made when pure yellow gold is mixed with white metals like nickel and palladium. However, these metals are in a different ratio than the silver. When Pure gold is mixed with nickel or palladium, it tends to have a unique white look.
  • Price: White Gold is an expensive metal, therefore, any jewelry made with it is expensive than silver. It is a great metal to have an engagement ring as it will be in high quality and durable, but it will be expensive
  • Shine: For further white shining look, Rhodium metal coating is done on every piece of white gold jewelry. This coating makes the jewelry more beautiful. It almost looks like a mirror shine.
  • Durability: The Rhodium polish prevents tarnish for longer times than the silver. It also prevents any scratches, but you will have to save it from moisture and excessive heat. Eventually, you will need polishing for Rhodium too.


White gold has a quantity of nickel that can be allergic to many people. It causes redness and rashes on the parts of the skin where you wear them. It is advised to test your skin before you wear it. you can ask your jeweler to use a hypoallergenic coating on the jewelry piece.   

Now that we have established that there is a significant price difference between these two along with some other details like shine, durability, and limitations, you can look into your budget and decide which one is the right option for you. Sterling silver would be a great choice if you are looking for something elegant in a reasonable budget while white gold seems a preferable investment for a long-lasting future.

Both jewelry metals offer a range of beautiful jewelry items and are widely used in the world. Both have their own value. People have different tastes in jewelry that is why it is always down to that person who is going to wear this jewelry. At the end of the day, it all depends on your budget. What you can afford in your budget is a good choice for you.

Which Is Best for an Engagement Ring?

White Gold Vs. Silver-BIXLER
Diamond Milgrain Ring in 14K White Gold

An engagement ring usually contains a diamond or a gemstone. Many folks consider sterling silver to complement the gemstone as it does look shinier in a silver setting. Whereas, if you are a sophisticated person and have a nag for fine and decent jewelry then choosing an engagement ring with intricate designing in white gold could be the one you are looking for.

The white gold is expensive, but platinum is more expensive than this. So, if you are choosing between platinum and white gold jewelry, go with the white gold jewelry. One should know that besides the metal, there is a value of gemstone inside the intricate design that establishes the whole value of an engagement ring too.  

With time, both metals wear off their polish, so make sure you get it redone from the jeweler from where you bought it. if you have an old silver or white gold engagement ring then be sure to check out our blog on how to clean sterling silver.

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