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Which Hand Does a Promise Ring Go On?

which hand does the promise ring goes on - BIXLER

What is a promise ring, you may ask? A promise ring is something that symbolizes a vow, bond or guarantee between two individuals. Such rings are not explicit to one gender. If you’ve just received one, you’re probably asking yourself which hand a promise ring is worn on. While they aren’t considered to be as formal as engagement rings, you still need to know how to wear one.

Which Hand Does a Promise Ring Go On - BIXLER
Diamond Ring

The History Behind Them

There are numerous circumstances where a promise ring may be more suitable than an engagement ring. It’s actually a superb route for a youthful couple who want to demonstrate that they are getting serious about their relationship. It only makes sense that young couples don’t want to rush straight into marriage or engagement. Promise rings have been around as love tokens since the sixteenth and seventeenth hundreds. They’ve always symbolized love and the future possibility of marriage. The expression “promise ring” has just been around since the 1970s; before that, they were called prearranged engagement rings or posie rings.

Additionally, there are many men out there who serve in the military and therefore are away from their loved ones for long periods of time. One reason that promise rings became more popular recently is because of men in similar situations. These men wanted to promise their partners that they’d come back to them and that perhaps they’d get a real engagement ring once they got back. The agony of being apart from your soulmate is not easy, and this is a perfect option to at least mitigate that.

Types of Promise Rings

If you’d like, any ring can be worn as a promise ring. However, diamonds and other precious stones are still the most popular choices. Another common practice is to engrave something personal and sentimental into the ring. Engraving the ring with the right words can make it more meaningful to the person receiving it.

Which Hand Does a Promise Ring Go On - BIXLER
Couple Holding Hands

How to Wear a Promise Ring?

After you’ve finally accepted your ring, you probably realized you’ve got no idea which hand a promise ring goes on. No worries, we got you covered! Since promise rings aren’t as formal as engagement rings, there’s no hard rule on how to wear one. You can wear it on either hand and even choose whatever finger feels best for you. A little piece of advice from us is to stay away from the traditional ring finger, as that may confuse some people and make them think you’re engaged. Other than that, go wild!

which hand does the promise ring goes on - BIXLER
Promise Ring Used to Spell FOREVER

However, sometimes promise rings are meant to be worn on the ring finger as well. That’s only the case when your partner explicitly tells you that the ring he’s bought you is only a shirt-time place holder before they get you a bigger one. Then once you get your engagement ring, you just switch the two out and start rocking your new ring!

Other Meanings for Promise Rings?

You might even get a promise ring from a platonic friend!. If that’s the case, then you, of course, can rock your ring whichever way you want. Some even choose to wear theirs on necklaces, which is also a great option. You must understand that a promise ring can also hold many other different meanings. Other than a promise of future marriage and commitment, it can also symbolize platonic love, being grateful, and even simply being thankful to a friend.

If you’re planning to get someone a promise ring, make sure to make your intentions clear. They hold a lot of meaning for most people, and therefore can’t just be thrown around with no responsibility. If you’ve just received one from your partner, you can be sure that they truly care about you. It’s not which hand you wear your promise ring on or the cost of the promise ring that matters, but the meaning and symbolism behind it.

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