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What Is The March Birthstone? | Bixler’s Birthstone Guide

What is March Birthstone-BIXLER
Aquamarine - The March Birthstone

March is another month that has two birthstones. These are Aquamarine and Bloodstone. In appearance, these two are quite a difference but when it comes to their reputation, both gemstones are believed to share common characteristics of protecting the well-being of the wearer. The aquamarine birthstone arouses the color of the sea. With its wide range of vivid colors; ranging from slight greenish-blue tones to deep green-blue, the faceted aquamarines are mostly devoid of any inclusions. They are usually as crystal clear as water, which naturally symbolizes the purity of the soul and spirit

Furthermore, the second birthstone, Bloodstone, is generally a dark green cabochon containing red spots from the iron oxide. This is where the ‘blood’ name came from, and it is believed to bring strength and health to the wearer.

What Is the Gemstone for March?

Actually, the right question would be – ‘what are the gemstones for March?’ This is because there are two different gemstones associated with the month – Aquamarine and Bloodstone.

The name Aquamarine comes from the Latin word for seawater. According to ancient mariners, the gemstone helps to calm the waves of the sea and helps to keep sailors perfectly safe when at sea. This birthstone for March is also believed to bring happiness and promote marital bliss in marriage. This is why the gemstone is not only regarded as the gemstone for March but also the perfect gem for a 19th wedding anniversary present.

What is March Birthstone - BIXLER
Aquamarine Necklace

The 2nd Birthstone for March: Bloodstone

The second birthstone for March is the Bloodstone and it is also referred to as heliotrope. It is a variation of chalcedony. Traditionally, the gem is semi-translucent to dark green jasper in opaque variation. It also has some red inclusions associated with iron oxides. Heliotrope, an alternative name of Bloodstone is a Greek word, which means ‘to turn the sun’. In the ancient era, the birthstones of March were believed would transform the sun into scarlet red if it were to be placed in water.

What is March Birthstone-BIXLER
Blood Stones

What Color Are the March Birthstones?

The cool color of the Aquamarine calls up the tranquility of the sea. As a matter of fact, the name itself is from the Latin word, ‘aqua’, which means marina and water, referring to the sea. Aquamarine comes in light tones and varies from blue-green to greenish-blue. You will find the more intense color in bigger stones. It is also important to mention that the darker blue gemstones are highly valuable. For the purpose of knowing more about this March Birthstone, it is essential to mention that it is mined majorly in Brazil. However, it is also found in Mozambique, Madagascar, Pakistan, Nigeria, and Zambia.

Bloodstone, which is the second March birthstone, is a dark green stone streaked with vibrant red spots from iron oxide. It is sometimes referred to as Blood Jasper and it is found rooted in the riverbeds or rocks. If you are in the market to buy a high-quality bloodstone, you might want to consider the solid green color variation with noticeable streaks of red.

What Do the March Birthstones Look Like?

Aquamarine - The March Birthstone

Aquamarine is in the same family of beryl just like the emerald. It comes in different shades and hues. It is unique because it rarely has inclusions, which means it is almost always flawless. When it does have inclusions, they would only be noticeable when magnified. Aquamarine gemstones come in different shapes like diamonds but usually in emeralds or oval shapes. The colors also vary and the intensity is usually as a result of the amount of iron resident in the beryl crystal.

The alternative March Birthstone, Bloodstone, looks like a pebble and it is usually found embedded in the rocks or in riverbeds.

What Does the March Birthstone Mean?

Aquamarine is believed to enhance clarity, promote communication and courage. The birthstone is also believed to be connected to the throat chakra and helps to minimize the fear of public speaking and boost articulation of the wearer. According to folklore, the Aquamarine stones are from mermaids and the gemstones are thought to be good luck and safety charms for sailors. on the other hand, bloodstone is associated with cleansing and healing. It is also believed to promote strength and energy.

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