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What Is The January Birthstone? | Bixler’s Birthstone Guide

What is January Birthstone-BIXLER

A birthday stone refers to a gemstone that represents the month of birth of a person. Each of these birthstones has a special meaning and historical connotation. Birthstone has gained popularity over the years. It dated back to the ancient days when gemstones are believed to have unbelievable powers, such as health, prosperity, and luck. Each of the months within the calendar year is associated with a gemstone but some have more than one, like January. In this blog, we’ll focus on the birthstone of January.

What Are the Two Birthstones for January?

What is January Birthstone-BIXLER
Emerald Necklace

Garnet and Emerald are the two birthstones for the month of January. Garnet is mostly accepted as the birthstone for January. It is the traditional and contemporary birthstone for the month. It has also been labeled the gemstone for the month of January in Ancient Roman, Hebrew, Russian, Old Hindu, Arabic, Polish, and Italian calendars. Prior to the time, the gemstone was dubbed the birthstone for January, it was the zodiac stone for Aquarius and Capricorn. Garnet is a highly valuable and cherished gemstone from antiquity.

Emerald was designated the birthstone for January in the old Tibetan calendar. It is the green variation of beryl. Although not one of the most costly gemstones, it is one of the four gemstones known as a precious stone in the contemporary world. Emerald is prized for its color, which is verdant green. This gemstone is believed to motivate clairvoyance and bring wellbeing.

What Colors Are the January Birthstones?

What is January Birthstone-BIXLER

As mentioned earlier, Garnet is the modern-day birthstone for January. Therefore, the focus will be on this gemstone. Garnet comes in wide varieties of colors, including red, yellowish-green, and purple.  However, the most expensive Garnet is in variety of green colors, known as demantoid but the red variety is the most common color of the garnet.

The color red is an exciting and vibrant color that reflects energy, and life. The red garnet comes in a wide species, including spessartine, grossular, pyrope, andradite, and almandine. The January birthstone, red garnet, is believed to impart protection and strength. It is also believed to be a token that can be exchanged among friends as an expression of affection and friendship, and a symbol of hope of meeting again sometimes in the future.

The second birthstone of January, emerald, is a green variety of beryl. When it comes in another color other than green, the gemstone will be referred to in another name. If it’s blue, it will be aquamarine and heliodor, when it’s yellow.

What Do the January Birthstones Look Like?

The name, garnet, is from the Latin word ‘granatum’, which means ‘seed’. The gemstone was named so because of its close resemblance to the seed of pomegranate. This means the January birthstone, garnet, looks like a seed of pomegranate. The garnet also has another unique characteristic that stands it out. It has a high refractive index and this gives the impression that its emitting light from its source.

What is January Birthstone-BIXLER
Emerald ring

The emerald, on the other hand, has a lot of characters. The best of them come in pure green or bluish-green. It features vivid color tone and saturation that is not overly dark. As a matter of fact, the most expensive emeralds come very transparently. With no visible color zoning, the color of the emerald is evenly spread. It is essential to mention that the appearance of the gemstone is usually connected with the mine location. For instance, emeralds from Colombia are believed to have more intense and warmer pure green color while the emeralds from Zambia are said to have a more bluish and cooler green color. These notions notwithstanding, the appearance of emerald generally overlaps between its sources.

What Do the Birthstones for January Mean?

The most popular birthstone for January is Garnet. The gemstone is an intense, vivid, and rich stone associated with good health, prosperity, and peace of mind. Garnet is widely reported to possess some attributes of metaphysical power that aids healing. It is also a symbol of good fortune. The birthstone for January also has sensuality, headiness, work ethics, and a sense of luxury, which are all characteristics of most people born in January. The vivid red-colored gemstone is also associated with courage, love, and faith. It is believed that children who wear garnet are protected from having nightmares. The gemstone is also thought to help in protecting the lungs and heart, and also for boosting energy levels. Individuals with low self-image can get a boost by wearing garnet. This is because there is the belief that it enhances self-worth and induces romance.


Although emerald is attributed to be a birthstone for January the most widely recognized and accepted birthstone for the month of January is the garnet. The garnet has a lot of attributes and it is believed to be a true representation of people born in the month of January.

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