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What is the Hope Diamond? | Bixler’s Complete Guide

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Hope Diamond is a famous gemstone that is known to be one of its kind and one of the largest blue diamonds in the world. It is said to have been originated from India and then brought to France by a jewel trader Jean-Baptiste Tavernier. The stone was originally 112-carat and later on cut multiple times throughout its history and now exists as a 45.5-carat Hope diamond. The stone’s history can be traced back to 1668, however, the diamond disappeared after the crown-jewel robbery of 1792 and re-emerged in 1803 when a banker Thomas hope purchased it from the Duke of Wellington, who had to sell the diamond to pay off British King George IV’s debt. Thus, giving it the name, Hope diamond.

What Is the Curse of the Hope Diamond?

The Hope diamond is not only famous for its divine beauty but it is also known to carry a curse that proved to be deadly for anyone who tried to possess it. Throughout the history of the diamond, it has been noticed to cause atrocities in the possessor’s life. In the early 20th century a Greek jewel broker, who owned the diamond, lost his life with his wife and child as his carriage rode off the cliff. Similarly, Evalyn McLean, an heiress, and a well-known socialite had the diamond in her possession for many years before she lost her children, mother-in-law, her husband, and her fortune. The mailman who transported the hope diamond to its last destination, later, suffered a severe injury with his leg crushed. All of these incidents had one thing in common, which is the Hope diamond. This led people to believe that the hope diamond is cursed.

What Color Is the Hope Diamond?

The hope diamond has been described as being bluish grey, dark blue, and even fancy dark grayish-blue in color. The presence of boron in the diamond is said to be the cause of the deep blue color. It is believed that the blue color of the hope diamond is one of the finest blues of the blue colors in the world which gives the diamond a very rich look making it the world’s largest blue diamond. Its color has also been compared to the sapphire color on various occasions.

What Is the Hope Diamond’s Worth?

The hope diamond, being one-of-a-kind makes it really hard to assess what it should be worth. However, the diamond is roughly estimated to be worth around $250 million. There are many things that come into consideration when calculating the worth of this unique diamond. The first thing would be the 45.54 Carat weight of the diamond. Then the cut and clarity of the diamond. The cut of the hope diamond is described as a cushion antique brilliant with a faceted girdle and additional facets on the pavilion. The clarity of the diamond is rated VS1. Another distinguishing factor that this stone has is the rare property of transmitting a red glow when exposed to the short ray of ultraviolet light, which is evident to the presence of boron and nitrogen in the diamond. And lastly the brilliant color of the diamond which makes the stone stand out from all the others. The combination of all these factors has helped determine the worth of hope diamond.

What Museum Is the Hope Diamond In?

Smithsonian Institute
Smithsonian Institute

The hope diamond rests peacefully in the Smithsonian Institute of the United States. The stone was donated to the museum by the famed jeweler Harry Winston who had acquired it after the death of Evalyn McLean. Harry had the diamond for almost a decade, during which he featured the gem at many galas, exhibitions, and charitable events before donating it to the Smithsonian Institute in 1958. He is said to have stone delivered in a brown bag through the postal service, as he thought this to be the safest way to transport the most valuable gem.

What Does the Hope Diamond Look Like?

The current setting of the belief diamond is designed by the famous Pierre Cartier. The blue diamond is surrounded by 16 pear-shaped and cushion-cut white diamonds in an alternative setting. The chain which holds the diamond has 45 white diamonds embedded in it. Bail is also attached to the pendant where Ms.McLean would often attach her other precious diamonds along with the hope diamond.

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