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What Is the Birthstone for October? | Bixler’s Birthstone Guide

What is the Birthstone for October-BIXLER

People born in the month of October have two distinct birthstones. This means they can choose between two gemstones, depending on their preference. No doubt, these two stones are unique in their own way. Featuring a wide range of rainbow colors, color combinations, and shades of colors, there is definitely something for every October-born to choose from. Between Opal that deflects light to display a show of multiple colors and tourmaline. With a unique color that depends largely on the trace elements within its chemical makeup, you can explore a full range of gemstones’ colors that suit your individual taste. To know more about the birthstones for October, Scroll Down.

What Are the October Birthstones?

Opal and Tourmaline are the two birthstones for October.

Opal was once referred to as the queen of all gems in ancient times because it has basically all the colors of the other gems combined together. No doubt, the opal is a unique gem. From the stunning flashes of greens and blues to the bright yellows and reds, moving around an opal stone with its dazzling colors is a beauty to behold. 

Although recently discovered, Tourmaline has become one of the most valuable gemstones in the world. The gem was discovered sometimes in the 1980s and within the last thirty years, it has become a precious stone with great value. Its unique tones of electric greens and blues are evocative of the stunning Paraiba blue ocean shores. 

What Do the October Birthstones Look Like?

Tourmaline, one of the birthstones for October, is one of the very few gemstones that can be found in practically any color. In fact, some pink colored tourmalines look like diamonds in their clarity and transparency. Red and pink tourmalines also look like rubies and they were once confused with the ruby. Tourmaline is very rare and the pink ones stand out the most and are mostly distinguished by the electrifying properties.

The second birthstone, Opal, is from the Greek word, ‘opal’ which means to see a ‘change in color’. Opal looks more like a pebble with a rainbow of colors. This birthstone spots multiple vivid colors that make it stand out among other gemstones.

What Are the Colors of the October Birthstones?

Opals are known for their shifting and dazzling colors in the variety of rainbow tones. This is often referred to as play-of-color. It was reported that the dramatic colors of Opal have inspired many writers to compare the gemstone to galaxies, volcanoes, and fireworks. 

What is the Birthstone for October-BIXLER

Tourmaline is also a colorful gem. The name of the gemstone was derived from a Sinhalese word ‘toramalli’, meaning ‘stone with mixed colors’. The multiple colors that could be found in a single Tourmaline informed this name. The stone has a range of colors that suit every mood. Some of the popular colors are the red and pink rubellites, blue to violet and neon green, and emerald green chrome tourmalines.

What is the Birthstone for October-BIXLER
Opal Earrings

What Is the Meaning Behind These Gemstones?

In ancient Greek, Opals were believed to offer protection against disease and bestow the gift of prophecy on the wearer. The Europeans have always believed that the gemstone is a symbol of truth, hope, and purity. In ancient times, opal was said to embody the powers and virtues associated with all colored stones.

The various colors of tourmaline are believed to have their distinguished healing properties. The pink tourmaline is thought to embody love and it’s closely associated with gentleness and compassion. The black tourmaline is also said to offer a sense of confidence and protection to the wearer. Green tourmalines are believed to promote strength, stamina, and courage. It’s important to mention that apart from being a birthstone for October, tourmaline is also given as a gift to celebrate the 8th wedding anniversary.

What Is the Original October Birthstone?

What is the Birthstone for October-BIXLER

The original birthstone for October is opal. It is thought to have originated from India where it was called ‘Upala’ in Sanskrit, which means a ‘precious stone’. This was also called ‘opalus’ in ancient Rome. It is essential to mention that it was from India that the gemstone was first introduced to the Western world. Tourmaline is the newer birthstone for October and also the most preferred because of its rich and vivid colors.

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