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What Is the Birthstone for April? | Bixler’s Birthstone Guide

What is the Birthstone for April-BIXLER

Are you born in April? Well, you would be pleased and excited to know that the most prized precious stone of all time is your birthstone. We are talking about the diamond! Yes, the birthstone for the month of April is diamond. The word ‘diamond’ is from the Greek word, ‘Adamas’, which means ‘the hardest metal’.On the other hand, It is a precious gem that excels greatly in brightness and brilliance. Diamonds exhibit a stunning play of prismatic colors and they are unique for their exceptional hardness.

What is the Birthstone for April-BIXLER

What Is the Birthstone for April?

Diamond is the gemstone for April birthstone. It is known for its toughness and as a matter of fact, it is the hardest gemstone of all time. Interestingly, it is made up of only one element, which is carbon. The structure of the diamond makes it about fifty-eight times harder than any other substance that nature has ever created. It is also interesting to know that a diamond can only be cut by another diamond. However, Apart from being the birthstone for the month of April, it is also the most sought-after wedding engagement ring in the world. In fact, the diamond is the perfect stone for any special event.

What is the Birthstone for April-BIXLER
Colorless Diamond Bracelet

What Is the Color of the April Gemstone?

The traditional color that was associated with the diamond is colorless or white. This variation of a diamond is most favored as a very popular gemstone in the world of jewelry. Furthermore, The modern diamond comes in a variety of colors, ranging from yellow, pink, red, green, and blue. It also has a variety of intensity from vivid to faint. Basically, the level of the color saturation of diamond is in direct proportion to its value, which means the more saturated the color is, the higher its value.

It is essential to mention that diamonds that sparkle with vivid colors are not common and are likely to be more expensive than the colorless diamonds of the same size. Due to the fact that diamonds that are fancy in color are more desirable, the colors are sometimes infused in the laboratory and this type of diamonds are referred to as color-treated.

No doubt, the exceptional physical properties of the diamond give it the best imaginable luster that any gemstone can boast of, especially when cut and polished. People generally categorize the April birthstone into colorless, almost colorless, faintly yellow-tinted, lightly yellow-tinted, and brownish-yellow tinted. It is important to note that black diamonds have also made their way into the jewelry stores.

What Does the April Birthstone Look Like?

What is the Birthstone for April-BIXLER

Naturally, diamonds are the hardest substances on earth and they are thought to have been in existence for billions of years. Diamonds are highly durable and they interplay with light, which makes them appear vivid in color. The 4’c (cut, color, clarity, and carat size) are significant when it comes to the value of a diamond. They come in Radiant cut, Asscher cut, and Oval cut. It is essential to emphasize that diamonds come in a range of colors and the specific color that a diamond has is dependent on the kind of impurities present in the gemstone. Yellow diamonds indicate traces of nitrogen and those with the blue color indicate the presence of boron. Really, diamonds are diamonds and there is no better way to describe them.

What Does the April Birthstone Mean?

 In ancient times, diamonds are believed to have healing power to cure ailments that stem from the brain or the pituitary gland. By simply heating the crystal gemstone and putting it beside a sick person, it was believed that the diamond has the power to draw out harmful toxins from the body of the sick and technically cures them. The April birthstone was also associated with clarity and balance. It was touted to have a significant impact on the clarity of an individual and could enhance their energy, especially when it is combined with another crystal, such as the amethyst.

It is also believed to enhance relationships and it’s credited with abundance. They have also been associated with fidelity and innocence, which is likely why it is the most preferred gemstone for engagement rings.

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