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What Is The August Birthstone? | Bixler’s Birthstone Guide

what is august birthstone-BIXLER

The month of August is one of the months with two birthstones – the Sardonyx and the Peridot. Of course, this might not be two of the common gemstones you’ve heard of but that doesn’t mean they are less symbolic or valuable. Both stones have been in existence in the history of gemstones and they have very rich associations and symbolism. Let’s dive into the world of birthstones and learn about what is August’s birthstone!

What’s the August Birthstones?

The real question here is; what are the birthstones for August? This is because two unique gemstones are associated with this month. Both stones are different in terms of substance and quality. Sardonyx is a type of onyx. It’s a reddish-brown gemstone with white bands. This gem is more stone-like compared to the crystal-like nature of the peridot.

Peridot occurs in a wide variety of colors and can vary from brown to yellowish-green. However, the most preferred peridot gemstones are olive green and lime green. When it comes to the origins of these stones, they are also quite different. Sardonyx is mainly from India but has also been found in the United States, Germany, Uruguay, and Brazil. Peridot developed from below the surface of the earth and very close to diamonds. However, it is exhumed by volcanic eruptions. A high percentage of peridots are from Arizona but a remarkable supply also comes from Myanmar, Pakistan, and China.

what is august birthstone-BIXLER
Peridot pendant

What Do the August Birthstones Look Like?

Both sardonyx and peridot are beautiful jewelry pieces with unique differences. The look and feel of sardonyx are close to the rustic and earthy feel while the crystal peridot looks more stylish and elegant. There is a wide difference between these two gemstones and your choice will be more tilted to your personality. Although these two stones are not as popular as some other birthstones like diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and pearls but they are striking in a unique way. As a matter of fact, they are great choices of jewelry options that complement other gemstones like tanzanite and diamonds.

When viewed at a distance, both sardonyx and peridot look like colored diamonds and emeralds. However, they have distinctive qualities that are exclusive to them. These make them extraordinary and special gemstones.

What Are the Colors of the August Birthstones?

what is august birthstone-BIXLER

The color of peridot varies from deep earthy olive hues to yellowish lime green. The color is one of the major reasons why this gemstone is sought after. They are a great option for individuals who love the rich green gemstones but prefer a more affordable option than the emeralds. There are some hues of peridots that can be easily mistaken for emeralds.

Sardonyx occurs in bands of colors, ranging from brownish red to dark orange and brown, paired with the black or white layers of onyx. The gemstone is a famous stone for the Roman signet rings and seals.

What Is the Meaning Behind the August Birthstones?

The colors of the birthstones are said to have significant meanings associated with them. The olive green of the peridot, for instance, is believed to heal stress and reduce anger. As a matter of fact, individuals who wear the gemstone are thought to have the power to ward off negativity, black magic, and evil from them. The peridot is also believed to have mystical powers with the ability to protect from nightmares. It is said that people who wear peridot gemstones will be empowered and would have a strong influence.

Sardonyx is believed to symbolize victory and courage. The reddish-brown of the sardonyx is said to be a combination of protective and comfortable hue mixed with a bit of power. In other words, it endowed the wearer with a stout presence of power.

What Is the Original August Birthstone?

Peridot is the original birthstone for August. It is a rare stone that occurs in only one color, olive green. However, the inclusion on the outside of the stone makes some variations of it to occur in various colors of the rainbow. The gemstone associated with August occurs only in subtle hues of green. It doesn’t appear in colors like orange, blue, purple, or red.

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