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What Is Peridot? | Bixler’s Gemstone Guide

what is peridot-BIXLER

Peridot is a green and good looking gemstone that forms in the molten rocks found on the upper mantle. The stone surfaces due to the great forces of volcanic activities and quakes. This gemstone has been around and used for thousands of years back. Historically, the gemstone was known as Olivine because it is a gem-quality of Forsterite Olivine. It features an all-olive green shade with hues of yellow-green and lime green and also brownish green in rare cases. Although the peridot has been around for thousands of years, the gem only gained its popularity as peridot in the past two hundred years.

Peridot comes from a French word for peridot which is also derived from the Arabic Faridat to mean a precious stone. In other cultures, it was known as the poor man’s Emerald and others referred to it as Peles tears. In ancient Egypt, the stone was known as ‘the gem of the sun’. Commonly known as the evening emerald by the ancient Mediterranean civilization, It is a modern birthstone for the people born in August. Most jewelers seek this stone as it brings fortune and prosperity to the wearer.

What is peridot-BIXLER
Pendant with peridot gemstones

What Does a Peridot Look Like?

Peridot is a gemstone that appears in only one olive-green color. The presence of iron in the crystal structure is responsible for the green color. How deep the color depends on the amount of iron present that is why peridots come in various shades of green. In some cases, though rarely, peridot will exhibit a medium-dark tone or forest green color without and the yellow or brown hues. Raw peridot has cracked with a slight mist and feels soft although it has a 6.5-7 rating on the Mohs scale of hardness. This means that it is susceptible to wear and tear if you don’t observe proper care. It features plenty of inclusions that are visible to the naked eye.

The outward appearance of peridot features a vitreous or glossy finish. When you look at it through incandescent light, you will see a double ray of light inside the stone. It presents an orthorhombic crystal system with two optic axes that are why they are biaxial. However, it is difficult to find the whole peridot with a large orthorhombic design.

What is peridot - Peridot Ring
Peridot ring

What Is It Used For?

The Peridot gemstone has been available in the world for over 3, 500 years and was first discovered in Zagbargad, an island in Egypt. It comes with plenty of benefits to the people wearing it as it is believed to possess mystical powers. Since it appears in different shades of green, each of the colors has its use. Peridot that is rich in iron makes it yellow-green and is said to cure certain ailments in a human body. It aids in getting rid of health issues associated with the bladder, kidney, gall bladder, or even the stomach. Here are the common ailments that peridot cures.

  • Ulcers, constipation or bug bite, ingesting a small amount of crushed peridot will heal the issue.
  • It provides better sleep, air and blood circulation in the body
  • If you are stressed or having psychological issues, peridot can aid in driving them away.
  • It also helps in strengthening the muscle contraction in the abdomen when giving birth.

Green peridot that is rich in magnesium is a representation of financial prosperity. It also slows down the process of aging to keep the wearer looking young and vibrant.

Stud Earrings
Peridot Stud Earrings

What Is the Meaning of Peridot?

Peridot is a crystal gem that presents a striking green appearance and is pronounced as pair-ee-doe. It is a gemstone that represents prosperity and good financial fortune to the owner. The stone also provides light and love and keeps your spirits cheerful. It also has protective qualities that enable you to stay safe from potential harm or evil. Given its popping green color, you can place the gem as part of your interior décor and it will provide powerful and positive vibes for general well-being. Cleopatra wore the stone to get rid of evil spirits. Since the peridot forms in the intense inferno of volcanoes, it is considered a gift from nature.

What Is the Difference Between Olivine and Peridot?

 Olivine is of a group of olive-green minerals that contain magnesium-iron silicate and crystallizes in an orthorhombic system. The crystals of olivine present an irregular shape with non-clear crystal faces. Peridot, on the other hand, is a form of olivine but features a transparent olive-green shade and is commonly mined as a gemstone.

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What Is It Good For?

Like almost all gemstones, peridot is best used for making jewelry. In medieval times, the gem was popular among the wealthy monarchs. Today, the vast majority of this gemstone is cut in different forms to create good-looking jewelry and earrings. You can find them in either oval or octahedral forms to make pendants, rings, earrings and more. Peridot is also good for the casting industry. This is mainly due to its high melting point (1200-1900 degrees Celsius) and the 6.5-7 hardness on the Mohs scale. Magnesium-Rich peridot when added to a blast furnace to eliminate impurities from steel and thus forms a slag. It is also good for making a fire brick to use in kilns or fireplaces.

Peridot Stone

Is Peridot a Lucky Stone?

Peridot is a great gemstone that has plenty of properties that make it a lucky stone. For starters, it opens the heart to enable the wearer to have better qualities in resolving disputes in relationships. Yellow-Colored peridot improves one’s self-esteem and provides confidence. What’s more, it has the ability to attract excellent business deals for maximum prosperity. These properties and more make peridot a lucky stone to the wearer.

Is Peridot Rare?

It is a common gemstone that is mostly available in several places in the world. The availability of this gem makes it not a rare gemstone. A rare gemstone is one that is not readily available and is difficult to mine. It is also not heavily priced as most gemstones are due to its high availability. Some peridot, however, is extremely rare, especially with exotic origins like meteorites.

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