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What Is Fashion Jewelry? | Ultimate Jewelry Guide


In this fame and success-driven society, people understand that maintaining originality and embracing individuality is the key to shine. The message of “being yourself” has started to take its place in the common world, and rightfully so! And what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you’re working on finding your own genuine personality? Obviously, your appearance. From haircuts, to clothes, shoes, and other accessories, looking unique and beautiful is on everyone’s mind. This makes the world fashion conscious, especially women, as their world of fashion changes much more rapidly.

When it comes to women’s fashion, the major focus would definitely be choosing the actual outfit, but complementing it with the right jewelry is just as essential. That’s where the importance of ‘fashion jewelry’ comes into play, as it enables your outfit to really ‘pop’ with all the added colors. What is fashion jewelry you ask? You can look at fashion jewelry as a more casual form of real jewelry, as it’s usually bought merely for improving your look, instead of being purchased as collectibles, mementos or investments.

What is fashion jewelry by Bixler

What Is the Difference Between Fashion and Fine Jewelry?

Even though both these types of wearables are classified as ‘jewelry’, they’re very much different. The most obvious and notable difference between the two would be the materials they’re made of. Fashion jewelry, which is the more casual one of the two, is made with cheaper materials such as aluminum, brass, copper, bronze, base metal, plated metals, and even leather. Fine jewelry, on the other hand, is made with exquisite, premium materials such as yellow gold, white gold, silver, or platinum, usually accompanied by expensive diamonds.

The original one of the two, as we’ve all known and seen for decades, is the fine form of jewelry, with original and expensive materials. Fashion jewelry is an up and coming concept though, which isn’t meant to be worn as a statement of how rich you are but is simply there to enhance your looks – as simple as that may sound. Fine jewelry generally lasts for a long time, due to the durability of its genuine materials and precise craftsmanship. However, it’s usually worn only on specific occasions and events.

Fashion jewelry isn’t created or purchased with a long-lasting life in mind. It’s worn with everyday outfits without worry of breaking them, as it’s generally much cheaper.

What is Fashion Jewelry - Bixler Model posing with fashion jewelry

Why Is This Type of Jewelry so Popular Now?

While the classic, real jewelry will always have its place in the world, fashion jewelry (also known as ‘bridge jewelry’) has taken the lead according to today’s trends. This is mainly because of the general apparent shift from formal to informal, which came about with the rise of the younger generations. Yes, anyone would choose a premium piece of white gold jewelry over a colorful band of artificial pearls, but the catch is that most people can’t afford to wear the former in their everyday lives.

Fine jewelry is naturally limited to high-end functions, ceremonies, and events these days, while fashion jewelry knows no bounds. It’s appropriate for all sorts of places, whether it’s a hangout with friends, a beach party, chilling at home, or going to class. It’s just more carefree, and that seems to be something that the younger generation really appreciates today.

Is Fashion Jewelry Cheap?

Another reason why fashion jewelry is gaining immense popularity these days is that it’s well within the financial reach of everybody. You see it, you like it, you buy it, you wear it whenever, wherever. Unlike fine jewelry, where a single purchase would probably trigger confirmation phone calls from your bank.

Fashion Jewelry On the Table - What is Fashion Jewelry? | Bixler
Fashion Jewelry

Fashion jewelry mainly consists of simulated pearls, cheaper forms of base metals, and artificial diamonds that are meant to increase the shine and beauty of the piece. The whole point is to create an ornament that’s focused on decorating and complementing your look with added colors – the quality of the materials used is not necessarily a major concern. It’s bought purely for utility purposes, rather than as a lucrative investment option which some real jewelry purchases come with.

Is Fashion Jewelry Worth Buying?

This question isn’t only limited to purchasing jewelry, it’s what every person inherently wonders just before adding something to their online cart. As a general rule, a certain good or service would be ‘worth buying’ if according to the buyer, its benefits outweigh the costs. This may sound simple, but the catch here is the ‘according to the buyer’ part. This means the answer to the above question would be strictly subjective to each and every different buyer.

However, that’s where the beauty of fashion jewelry lies; There’s no need for overthinking it. Fashion jewelry is meant to be cheap enough that it doesn’t trigger even a hint of remorse in your head. Its prices are absolutely trivial compared to a small piece of fine jewelry. The only thing you should think about while buying fashion jewelry is which piece you actually feel like wearing? As mentioned above: like it, buy it, wear it!

Is it Worth Buying Fashion Jewelry? - What is fashion jewelry by Bixler

Is Fashion Jewelry Different from Costume Jewelry?

Many people regard costume jewelry and fashion jewelry as the exact same category, but that isn’t completely accurate. Fashion jewelry may be cheaper than fine jewelry, but it’s not the absolutely cheapest form of accessories you can buy. No, that title goes to costume jewelry.

With costume jewelry, durability really takes a hit. They can be super pretty, and fun to try out with certain outfits, but you won’t find stones or metals of any value whatsoever. The low-grade metals are known to discolor quite early on, with stones sometimes falling out because of cheap settings.

Fashion jewelry, however, is generally a huge step above this in terms of quality. It’s meant to imitate real jewelry at a cheaper price point, but it’s not rare to find metals plated in silver or rhodium to ensure at least some level of durability. Although pearls would be commonly simulated, semi-precious stones aren’t hard to find in fashion jewelry either. This is why it’s also called ‘bridge jewelry’, as it’s the bridge between the high-end fine jewelry and the low-quality costume jewelry.

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