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What is an Engagement Ring?

what is an engagement ring -BIXLER

There are so many questions regarding what an engagement ring means, does it go first while wearing an engagement ring and a wedding ring, what are the etiquettes of wearing an engagement ring?  There is a basic difference between both of these rings, and we are going to discuss this in the blog.

Engagement Ring vs. Wedding Rings: What Are the Differences Amongst them?

What is an Engagement Ring - BIXLER

It is given to a bride while presenting your proposal or right after the proposal, hence it is to be worn before the wedding. Further More, They mostly feature a diamond alone or a diamond surrounded by other kinds of valuable gemstones. However, These rings have plenty of variety. They come in both forms cheap and expensive.

Every ring establishes the wealth of the man who is proposing in a way that this man has enough money to care for his bride. But it is not all about this anymore because now people use custom engagement rings. Some traditions have changed but the tradition of this ring is still the same in every culture.

What is an Engagement Ring - BIXLER

Mostly a wedding band is worn on the wedding day during the wedding ceremony. These wedding rings are kind of plain bands of Welsh gold, white gold or platinum gold. Some people choose to have little diamonds all around the ring, but their formation is still like a plain band. These are typically worn under this ring because they personally believe that a wedding ring should be very close to your heart as well. It also symbolizes the eternal bond of marriage between the couple.

Men usually don’t wear any kind of these rings. They wear their wedding bands. Men’s wedding rings match their lady’s wedding ring, but they are simple and plain bands. 

These bands are significantly less expensive than these rings because they have more big diamonds in comparison to a wedding ring. Wedding rings are also less in carat weight than these rings. This ultimately makes the price of a wedding ring less than an engagement ring.

What is an Engagement Ring?-BIXLER

Do You Propose With an Engagement Ring?

Yes, it is a tradition that men propose women bending their knee and present a marriage proposal with this ring. In some cases, when people present their proposal without any ring, they tend to give their fiancé this ring as early as possible.

How Much a Person Should Spend on an Engagement Ring?

As said in our previous blog How Much to Spend On Engagement Ring, It’s pricing rules are simple. You should consider the emotional connection to the person whom you are going to propose and your budget. There may be plenty of other rules like 2-month salary rule being the most popular, but they can’t define your partner expectation of an engagement ring or your budget.

Here is a complete guide on how much you spend on an engagement ring. Have a look:

  1. Your Partner Expects from You: Surely, every person in a relationship thinks about getting engaged and getting married someday. You know your partner and his/her likes and dislikes long enough to understand what type of things she will love and what would be her taste. Based on all the knowledge that you gathered from knowing each other, it would be easy to know what your partner expects from you. Here are the important things that matter while buying this ring.
  2. Any custom design that is unique and mutually defines your love for each other would be perfect for an engagement ring.
  3. It is a symbol of deep affection. It portrays your passion and reflects how much you are invested in the mutual future so let it be a bit special.
  4. Care for design and style because your partner may want something classy.
  5. Women love to show off their man’s love by showing off their engagement at social gatherings. Make sure the engagement ring you choose a worthy of a look.
  6. Your Budget: Not everyone is rich as Kardashian, which is precisely our point that money doesn’t define your love for your significant other. There is not any hard and fast rule to dictate how much you should or shouldn’t spend on this ring. Whatever your budget is, make sure to make the best of it and comply with the above things that matter. Don’t feel pressured by society’s unrealistic standards. If your partner loves you, money shouldn’t matter.
What is an Engagement Ring?-BIXLER
An engagement ring is worn on the 3rd finger

Which Finger Do You Wear an Engagement Ring on?

As discussed in our other article on which hand an engagement ring goes on, it has been a tradition to wear it on the third finger of your left hand. This is why this finger is known as a ring finger. People in the past used to believe that the ring finger has a Vein that directly attaches to the heart, so wearing this ring here means you keep the ring being the symbol of love closer to your heart but that is just a myth.

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