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What Is a Wedding Band? Everything You Need To Know

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A wedding ring/band is one of two rings presented to the bride at the time of marriage, the second being an engagement ring. A band has a much subtler profile compared to a wedding ring but it is viewed as the definitive image of love, adoration, and responsibility. Bands usually feature a plain ring of platinum or gold, sometimes with paved diamonds or other precious gemstones. Grooms who have either an unpredictable or flashy engagement ring are usually the ones that favor bands.

What’s the Difference Between a Wedding Ring and Band?

Men and women’s tastes in jewelry can differ drastically. While a lady’s ring is subject to a great deal of scrutiny for its craftsmanship, men tend to prefer simpler ornaments. The difference between a wedding band and a wedding ring originates from these altogether different objectives. A wedding band alludes to a ‘man’s’ ring, drained of gemstones and comprised exclusively of one metal. This metal is typically a valuable one like gold or silver.

In recent years, the boundaries between a wedding ring and a wedding band have been increasingly blurred. Ladies have received various styles of wedding bands with ring designs including diamonds and different gemstones. Men’s rings are now commonly embellished with diamonds; making wedding ring sets an intriguing alternative for coordinating wedding bands.

Indeed, there is no distinction any longer between the words wedding ring and wedding band.

When Should You Buy Them?

There are two types of brides when it comes to band shopping. On one end are those that delay band hunting until the last month. They run a significant risk in doing so since their ideal band might not be available on such short notice. On the other end lie the brides who know what they want from the get-go, and will spot extraordinary deals nine months before the wedding. What generally works is to begin shopping around three or four months before the day of the ceremony. In case you’re etching the rings, it might take a couple of additional days until they’re prepared. In the event that you need a custom band, the procedure might take anywhere between six weeks, to about two months. Keeping this in mind, six weeks before is the deadline brides should try to keep when it comes to making the purchase.

What’s the Purpose of a Wedding Band?

During WWII, officers heading out to war started trading rings so that they would have something to help them remember the person awaiting their return. This has resulted in the wedding band to be perceived as a symbol of love, as opposed to a symbol of wealth. The wedding ring is also a token of love through time. This is best encapsulated by the image of commitment associated with rings, an understanding between two parties where they agree to love and respect each other for the rest of their lives.

How Much Should You Spend on a Man’s Wedding Band?

Firstly, consider whether you have a job or hobby that could potentially damage your ring. If you spend a lot of time lifting weights or working with tools, you may need a more durable ring.

Secondly, pick according to your personality. If you like a work of art, pick a straightforward gold or silver band. In case you’re somewhat bolder, attempt a rose gold ring for men or something with an interesting design.

Lastly, determine how much you want to spend on a ring. A men’s wedding ring will cost something in the range of $100 (titanium) to $2,000 (platinum), with the average cost being around $600. Platinum is a great pick for grooms who can afford to splurge, but those who can’t should probably pick one of the cheaper alternatives. Lower carat gold rings are likewise more affordable in light of the fact that they have bigger amounts of metal alloys acting as adulterants. 14k yellow, white, or rose gold are great alternatives. Palladium is another decent lower-cost choice to white gold and platinum.

Where Should You Shop for Wedding Bands?

Like wedding dresses, it’s smarter to purchase bands at a retail outlet rather than on the web. Look at your preferred jeweler’s webpages to get a few ideas and proceed to their brick and mortar stores so that you can try on a variety of rings till you find the one you love.

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