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What is a Tennis Bracelet? Bixler Jewelry Guide

Diamond Tennis Bracelet - Bixler

Tennis bracelet, also commonly known as eternity bracelets or line diamond bracelets, are the most elegant and classic form of hand jewelry. The simplicity of the design has made it a very popular form of jewelry that can be worn at any event and occasion, even a tennis game.

What Is a Tennis Bracelet Style?

They come in different styles, depending upon the rows of the diamonds, the shape of the diamonds, and the setting of the diamonds that you prefer.

A single row bracelet, for example, consists of one row of diamonds bound together. This is the most common style out there. Similarly, a double and triple row tennis bracelet consists of two and three continuous rows of diamonds beautifully knit together to form an unbroken chain around the wrist. You could also go with four rows of diamonds to make it a statement piece of jewelry, which could later become a family heirloom, considering its worth. Whether you choose to go with a single row or multiple row tennis bracelet, you have the liberty to choose the kind of metal you would like and the style and shape of the stones as well.

Basically, there can be no bad choice when it comes to the style of a tennis bracelet, it all depends upon your personal preference and the style you are most comfortable with and matches your personality.

Different Tennis Bracelet Claps:

There are several different tennis bracelet claps for you to choose from, such as the spring ring clasp, the most common type which consists of a small oval ring, with a spring mechanism that opens up when a small lever is pulled back. Another type would be the lobster claw, which is also very common and consists of a spring mechanism that opens up when a small lever is pulled back. Fold over and box clasp are two other types that are common. They consist of two parts: a box and a tongue, where the tongue is pushed into the box in order to lock it in place. If you want to opt for the most secure option, the Barrel Clasp is for you. It’s considered to be one of the most secure and it consists of two metal pieces that are screwed together making it look like a barrel.

What is a Tennis Bracelet - Diamond Tennis Bracelet by Bixler

What Does a Tennis Bracelet Look Like?

A tennis bracelet is a very stylish piece of jewelry that consists of small stones, normally diamonds, delicately linked together. They’re lined in such a manner that each stone can be seen separately while being connected with an invisible yet flexible chain. The bracelet wraps itself around the wrist beautifully and is secured by a fold-over clasp. But given its delicate structure and value, be sure that a safety clasp is included with your tennis bracelet to make it secure on your wrist and to avoid a mishap.

Why Do They Call It a Tennis Bracelet?

Despite what the name suggests, the tennis bracelets are not only made to be worn by tennis players. They can be worn by anyone who wishes or desires to wear it. Although because of its simplicity, it’s considered to be an ideal piece of jewelry to be worn by sportswomen instead of traditional heavy hand jewelry, during their respective sporting events.

If the tennis bracelets are not to be worn by the tennis players only, then why are they named after the sport? Well, there’s actually a humorous story behind its name.

The term “tennis bracelet” was cleverly coined in 1987, because of a professional tennis player from the USA, Chris Evert. During a US Open tennis match, she lost her George Bedewi diamond bracelet and asked the officials to pause the match midway until her diamond bracelet was found. Since then, the eternity bands have been famously known as tennis bracelets, all thanks to Evert. This also caused a spike in the popularity of diamond bands at the time and became very famous among the tennis players and ladies alike.

Chris Evert Wearing Diamond Tennis Bracelet
Chris Evert faces service while wearing a diamond tennis bracelet (Photo by SG/PA Images via Getty Images)

Why Are Tennis Bracelets so Expensive?

The value of a tennis bracelet depends upon the type of stone, style, and the metal you choose. The price usually starts from a few thousand dollars and goes up as the size and quality of the diamonds increase. The tennis bracelet can come in different metals, such as rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, sterling silver, and platinum. We advise you to choose a more durable metal if you want your bracelet to last. 14K and 18K gold is considered to be durable, as well as sterling silver and platinum.

The cost of the tennis bracelet also depends on the type of stone you choose. This is also the area where you don’t really need to spend too much unless you want to. You can choose colored gemstones or diamonds or a combination of diamonds and colored gemstones, depending on your taste. The diamonds could be of any carat, depending on your affordability. You can also choose to have low to mid-range stones as the size of the stones on a tennis band is very small.

What is a Tennis Bracelet - Diamond Tennis Bracelet by Bixler

What Wrist Do You Wear a Tennis Bracelet On?

Since the majority of the people are right-handed and use their dominant hand for most of their work, the tennis bracelet is usually worn on the left wrist. However, left-handed people would surely wear it on their right wrist. There are no hard and fast rules about which wrist the tennis band should be worn on so just choose whatever works for you!


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