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What Is a Princess Cut Diamond?


The Princess Cut diamond highlights a straight-sided rectangular framework with a splendid facet arrangement. Its mix of shape and cutting style produces more shimmer than conventional square or rectangular precious stones.

The name originated in the 1960s but the cut as we know it now only entered the jewelry market around the 1980s. When looking at a princess cut diamond, you might notice that its shape resembles a four-sided pyramid. From above, however, it just looks like a simple square or rectangular shape. Its popularity skyrocketed during the 90s and the cut has stayed relevant ever since. It is currently considered to be the second most well-known diamond cut, only falling behind the round cut.

Are Princess Cut Diamonds More Expensive?

Despite the fact that round-cut diamonds are the most popular out there, they tend to be more costly than some other shape on a carat-to-carat correlation. For those on a limited budget, the princess cut is the most practical choice. The princess cut lets you have the best of both worlds: diamond cost and the four C’s of diamonds.

What Is a Princess Cut Diamond? - BIXLER

When it comes to the cost and quality of the diamond, everything comes down to the cutting procedure and the process of preparing it. Many precious stones begin from an ambiguously square, rough structure. Getting from that to the four-sided pyramid shape of the princess cut is no easy task. That means that if the stone is big enough, you can even make two princess cut diamonds out of it. For comparison, a princess cut regularly utilizes about 80% of the initial stone, while a round cut just uses 40%! The higher efficiency means a lower cost to the manufacturers and therefore the buyers as well.

Why Is It Called a Princess Cut?

Before the princess cut, there was the Barion cut. The Barion cut was very difficult to work with and therefore it later evolved into a simpler yet more efficient princess cut. However, the very first record of the princess cut goes back all way to 1961. A London-based jeweler named Arpad Nagy was experimenting with a new cut and the end result was what he called the “Princess Cut”. We should point out that the shape that Nagy had in 1961 for the “Princess Cut” was different than what we have today. The name was popularized later by famous jewelers such as Ygal Perlman, Betzalel Ambar, and Israel Itzkowitz.

What Is a Princess Cut Diamond? - BIXLER

It’s Popularity

Starting in 2015, princess cut jewels were the second most popular stones used to make engagement rings. Out of all the diamond rings, it’s estimated that 30% of those have a princess cut diamond. Its popularity peaked during the 90s, but its been fluctuating for the past decade.

What Are Popular Setting Styles for a Princess Cut?

The Classic Prong Setting

what is a princess cut diamond - bixler

The most common setting is the classic prong, also known as the claw setting. The prong setting utilizes less metal and permits all the more light go through the stone. This adds to the jewel’s brightness and makes it sparkle in the light. Four-prong settings work with pretty much any shape jewel, instead of six prongs, which are best for the round, oval, pear and marquise-molded precious stones. Princess cut diamonds are frequently found in four-prong settings.

The Three-Stone Diamond Setting

what is a princess cut diamond - bixler

The three-stone setting does precisely what its name suggests. In this setting, two smaller stones are settled on either side of the middle stone. The princess cut is one of the two most mainstream cuts for this sort of setting, with the other being the round cut.

The Channel Diamond Setting

Diamond ring with a channel diamond setting - BIXLER

This setting is ideal for diamonds on the smaller side. It also works well for princess cut stones folded over the band. In this modern setting, precious stones are placed between vertical metal dividers that resemble a channel, hence the name.

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