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What Is a Locket? | Complete Jewelry Guide


Generally, lockets are the ornamental pendants made up of different precious metals such as gold, platinum, enamel or silver. This pendant is worn on a chain around the person’s neck, or as a bracelet. This small ornament has hinges when open holds plenty of sentiments values close to a person’s heart. The pendant includes little secrets space that filled up with family photos or pictures of their loved ones or lock of hair. Most people use locket as a gift and share it among their loved ones, family, close friends or lovers as a symbol to express their feelings on different occasions like weddings, birthday presents or anniversaries.

What Does a Locket Look Like?

Lockets are the decorative jewelry designed in different shapes including circle, heart or oval. Normally, pendants have space for one to two photos but many people can customize up to eight photo lockets for their special ones.

Regardless of the locket designs, there are many styles of lockets such as:

  • Spinner/Rotating Lockets – typically these lockets have bails attached to the chain but not properly fixed. So it usually spins around. At the Victorian Age, this was the common locket style.
  • Memento pendants- these pendants were introduced in1860’s, replaced mourning rings into mourning jewelry.
  • Keepsake Lockets- the locket with the glass pane in front, reveals what inside the locket without any effort of opening it. By times, people use for storing small sentimental pieces like a lock of hair into them.
  • Photograph pendants- generally these pendants are enclosed from all sides and properly locked while securing the photos by piece plastic.
  • Filigree pendants- pendants holding a small cushion placed at the center while allowing to fill it with few perfume drops of your choice.
  • Perfume pendants- during the time of personal hygiene restriction these perfume lockets spread the fragrance while masking a person’s odor
  • Personalized pendants – on-demand special customized lockets
  • Gate pendants putting multiple photos while protecting it through swinging gate
  • Matching pendants specially design for spouse and loved ones
  • Floating pendants hold different multiple charms or include transparent frames float through the chain

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What to Put in a Locket?

Lockets usually symbolize the feeling of love and compassion. There are vast options through which you can make your pendant a special one. Each piece of pendant specially crafted, each charm restore the beautiful charm and very bracelet locket has an unspoken story of feelings, love, and emotions.  Different people use different types of sentimental, emotional or close to heart valuable precious things in the lockets, such as:

  • Small Quartz crystals or birthstones placed at the center of the heart-shaped pendant
  • Engraving or inscribed messages are the reflections of one’s feelings. Often words cast the lifelong memory to one’s heart. So personal messages, personal favorite quotes, poetry, romantic song, accomplished goals, memorable dates, adventures place or a special note from loved ones will make your pendant special 
  • Piece of cloth, locks of hair or your wedding dress lace as a memory of the special day
  • Photograph of your favorite furry buddy, the handprint of your child, photo of your spouse, family, children, close friends
What is a locket-BIXLER
Customized Photo Pendant

How Do You Get a Locket Size Photo?

While in a try of putting your favorite photo into your pendant you must follow a few steps and pro tips:

Step 1: Decide the photo you want to be put from loved one to your favorite pet, it solely depends upon your choice

Step 2: choose the right photo with retaining quality and scalable size. I know this is difficult though the chosen picture will stay with for a longer time. So be wise

Pro Tips to Get into pendant Size Photo:

  • Choose a high-resolution picture or memorable image that holds special meaning into your life.
  • To maintain little details select the right locket size. Such as for family photos you need a large locket so that scaling down won’t affect the quality of the picture.
  • Creasing the boundaries with some margins while printing down the photo. This way it will help you cut down the picture according to the locket shape without affecting the photo.
  • Select the group photo picture that is tightly squeezed without putting any space between them so you won’t lose any person or important details
  • The use of image sizing app will make your work super easy and handy.

Do Guys Wear Lockets?

Yes, a guy can wear locket but styling and wearing lockets for him is relatively different than females. There are few lockets that are designed to compliment the guy instead of overwhelmed. Big glittery shimmery pendant with large stones is always a no while thinking of buying it for your guy. Always try to find pendant that is slightly rugged and rough from the edges that end up giving a natural look. Styles like dog tags, plain pendants, religious emblems lockets and charms worn with choker can be few options.


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