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What Is a Halo Ring? Everything You Need to Know

What is a halo ring - BIXLER

As of late, halo rings have become more and more common due to their popularity in music and entertainment circles. Halo rings offer an entire host of options when it comes to making your jewel stand out, which makes them attractive to not only celebrities but also everyone else.

The halo ring is a setting that surrounds a bigger gemstone with many smaller precious stones. This design makes a big diamond look even bigger and more striking. The smaller stones put the spotlight on the diamond placed in the center, which is sure to attract people’s gazes whether in public or in the office. A high-carat jewel looks gigantic in a halo setting.

Are Halo Rings More Expensive?

When it comes to wedding ring prices, some styles are definitely better than others. A high-carat jewel, for example, looks even more gigantic in a halo setting. Furthermore, a quarter, third, or half-carat jewel can look, by certain evaluations, as much as a half a carat larger.  So no matter what your budget, a halo ring gives you a bigger bang for your buck. You can even opt for a double halo ring, which will cost you more than the single halo alternative, but the two diamonds will look even more exquisite side-by-side.

The Origin of the Halo Ring

What is a halo ring - BIXLER
Emerald-cut Diamond Ring

The radiant halo ring made its debut during the 1920s. The classic halo ring is unified with a larger stone propped on a snug, clean band. This look is likewise great when combined with a princess or pad cut diamond.

Moreover, you can decide to cover part of the shank (the part that folds over your finger) with smaller diamonds or leave the metal uncovered. The number of stones on the shank must be equivalent on the two sides, making them symmetrical. Pavéed or not, this ring will give you that great halo look.

Different Types of Halo Rings

Additionally, there’s not just one style when it comes to halo rings. If the traditional halo ring isn’t for you, you can always choose a variation of it.

The Center Stone

What is a halo engagement ring - BIXLER

The center stone refers to the bigger jewel that’s placed in the center of a halo ring. However, this stone doesn’t necessarily have to be a diamond. The jewel can also be an emerald, ruby, or sapphire. For those looking for a cheaper alternative to a diamond halo ring, choosing one of the above-mentioned alternatives is a great choice.

Center Stones in Different Cuts

Emerald-cut diamond ring - BIXLER

We all know how beautiful a princess cut diamond is, especially on a halo ring. However, your stone can also be emerald-cut, oval, heart-shaped, etc. There are over 15 choices out there when it comes to the cut of the diamond, so you can be sure to find something that you like.

The Color of the Stone

Diamond ring - BIXLER

The color of the stone influences the diamond cost more than you’d think. Color is one of the four C’s of a diamond, which means that it’s one of the four main characteristics of a diamond. If you’d like a diamond on the cheaper side, you can go for a lighter one, where’s a colorless diamond will cost you more. On top of that, the color difference isn’t usually very visible to the untrained eye.

Choice of Metal for a Halo Ring

The best band for a halo ring is considered to be either white gold or platinum. Another great choice is the more popular yellow gold, which looks just as good with this type of stone placement. White gold accentuates the size and color of the stones, which just adds more to the value of the ring. If you’d like your ring to be more unique, two-tone settings are the way to go. This way you can have a band made out of not one but two types of metals. If done right, you can be sure that your ring will be extremely memorable to everyone you come in contact with.

There’s a ton to consider when you’re searching for the perfect halo ring. Yet, in the event that you can’t discover precisely what you’re searching for, you can always visit a jeweler and ask them to guide you through the process.

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