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What Is a Conflict-Free Diamond? | Bixler Jewelry Guide


When shopping for diamonds, experts in the industry generally recommend that you know all about the Four Cs of diamonds. These are Carat, Cut, Color, and Clarity. Over and beyond these four Cs. There is another C, which is also very crucial for you to understand before purchasing that sparkling delight. If you really value ethical behaviors, you should be interested in knowing all about it. This fifth C refers to Conflict-free. In this diamond guide, we focus on this last C and explore everything it entails. Before we go ahead, it is essential to mention that Bixler uses only ethically sourced and conflict-free diamonds in all their jewelry pieces, so you don’t have to worry about this when using their service. To know about what is a conflict-free diamond, scroll down.

What Does Conflict Free Diamond Mean?

There are diamonds that are unlawfully mined and sold with the intention of financing terror and war. These diamonds are referred to as blood, or conflict diamonds. Such diamonds usually come from war-torn regions in some parts of Africa. Through illegal trading, they find their way into other parts of the world and made it to diamond shops. On the other hand, conflict-free diamonds are ethically mined and sold, which means they have no connection whatsoever with war or terror.

When you are shopping for diamonds, it is crucial to choose a retailer that can guarantee that they only offer conflict-free diamonds in their stores. With this, you are sure that you are not indirectly supporting criminal activities in any part of the world. Of course, it might be difficult to be 100% certain that the diamond store you are patronizing sells only conflict-free diamonds but if they make a public statement in this regard or have a certificate that validates that their diamonds are 100% conflict-free, you can satisfy your conscience that you are buying a conflict-free diamond to the best of your knowledge.

Are Conflict Free Diamonds More Expensive?

There is a wrong assumption that conflict-free diamonds are more expensive. Well, this is not necessarily true. About a decade ago, conflict diamonds could only be found through a few channels and they come at extra cost. However, with the strong negative attention given to conflict diamonds across the world, nobody wanted to be associated with them. Backed by the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme (KPCS), the trend in the sales of conflict diamonds drastically reduced.

Choosing a Responsible Jeweler

With the growth in the mining of ethical diamonds across the world, conflict-free diamonds became widely accepted and acclaimed, and many channels are opened for sourcing for them. With this, the perceived pricy nature of conflict diamonds was nipped in the bud.

Choosing a responsible jeweler that sells only ethically sourced diamonds doesn’t mean you have to pay more. For instance, Bixler diamonds are ethically sourced and they are not the most expensive diamonds in the market. However, by purchasing your piece of diamond from them, you are assured that you are buying a piece of jewelry that is responsibly and ethically sourced.

What Makes a Diamond Conflict Free?

A conflict-free diamond is ethically mined and sold, which means it is devoid of any taint of violence and bloodshed. It means that in the process of mining the diamond, no human right was violated. Additionally, no child labor was involved, and neither environmental harm nor human violence is attributed to the production of the gem. You might want to ask; how do I know that a diamond is ethically mined? Really, you don’t have the luxury of time to trace the origin of a diamond piece, which is not even practicable in the first place.

Thanks to the United Nations partnership with some non-governmental organizations, the Kimberly Process was established. The Kimberly Process was instituted to control the exportation and importation of rough diamonds. Non-member nations that are still involved in the practices of violence and bloodshed in the mining of diamonds have been cut out so as to eliminate the trading of conflict diamonds. Another way conflict-free diamonds are certified is through compliance with the Patriot Act.

Are Diamonds Used by Bixler Conflict-Free?

Yes, all jewelry, including diamonds, used by Bixler are ethically sourced. Therefore they are conflict-free. The company holds itself to high gold standards and responsibly source for everything that is used for the production of each piece of jewelry in its stable, including the handcrafted and certified diamonds. Therefore, when you purchase a piece of Bixler diamond, you are guaranteed of a conflict-free piece.


Although there are many technicalities and the rigorous process involved in the mining and production of diamonds, many reputable companies still maintained their ethical standards and stick to sourcing materials from ethical sources. When next you are shopping for a diamond, make sure to ascertain that it’s conflict-free.

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