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What Is a Charm Bracelet? | Everything You Need to Know

What Is a Charm Bracelet-bixler

Any object that’s thought to bring protection or luck to anyone who carries or wears it, is called a ‘charm’. Sometimes, items carrying sentimental or emotional value, like memorable gifts from a loved one, may also fall into this category. The tradition of wearing charms (sometimes called amulets) dates way back to the ancient Egyptian era of around 3,000 BC. The Babylonians, Persians, and Assyrians also used to wear bracelets with objects attached to them, which they perceived to be power sources.

In this day and age, charm bracelets can simply be described as jewelry pieces that represent some emotional value to the owner. These charms are supposed to be beautiful ornaments that are usually attached to bracelets. However, they can also be found in the form of decorative trinkets and pendants.

What Do Charm Bracelets Mean?

So far, we’ve established the basic concept behind charm bracelets, and where they derive their unique value from. However, charms could mean many different things in varying scenarios, personality types and occasions. Let’s take a look at these different meanings that a charm bracelet can have.

Spiritual and Religious Symbols

Spirituality and/or religion is often the core driving force in some peoples’ lives. This makes these symbols a popular charm choice, supposedly bringing blessings or signifying the faith of the possessor. Commonly found Christian symbols like the sacred heart, the cross, and many religious saints are among some of the popular charms. Symbols are also sometimes taken from Islam and other largely followed religions. This category mainly marks major religious occasions such as baptisms, weddings, etc…

Charms for Special Occasions

Birthdays have always been great occasions for charm bracelets to be gifted. These can be endlessly customized to make the perfect personalized piece of jewelry, even with their date of birth and name engraved. Selecting charms that suit the personality of the birthday boy/girl is also recommended!

Zodiac Signs

Charms in this category represent the 12 zodiac signs that we’re all very familiar with. Some catchy designs include planets and other awe-inspiring astrology symbols. As you may know, some specific stones (aka birthstones) are associated with different zodiac signs; these can be used accordingly to make your charm bracelet even more meaningful!

What are Charm Bracelets Made of?

Usually, the bracelet is made from strong materials that last the owner a lifetime. This is because charm bracelets are meant to be kept and cherished forever, and breaking or losing them is completely out of the question. Hence, the bracelet itself might be either a gold or a silver chain that’s typically worn around the wrist. Individual jewelry charms can be attached to it, with new ones being added as time passes, marking different occasions significant to you.

Steven Universe Amethyst Star Charm

Other Types of Charm Jewelry

  • The most common form of charm jewelry is a bracelet, which is what we talked about in this article.
  • Sometimes, a pendant can also be gifted as a charm jewelry piece. The only drawback is that you won’t be able to add multiple charms to it as you would with a charm bracelet.
  • Lockets are another popular type of charm jewelry. They allow for additional pieces to be stored inside them, and unlike bracelets, they’re worn around the neck.

Can I Make My Own Charm Bracelet?

While a charm bracelet is usually a piece of jewelry that holds a lot of meaning, they’re super fun and fashionable to wear as well. Spending money isn’t a necessity when it comes to wearing unique charm bracelets – you can definitely make one for yourself! You’ll need some safety pins, charms, a string, beads, and a sturdy chain (or wire).

Follow these steps once you’ve gathered all of the above:

1. Grab a chain that’s with an approx. length of 10 inches

An old necklace which you don’t wear anymore could be used here. Cut the chain according to the required length to make it into a bracelet. Or you could simply recycle an old bracelet you have and stopped wearing. If you feel like starting with brand new items though, just visit a craft store and buy a 10-inch jewelry chain.

2. Use a lobster claw to fasten the bracelet

Attach it to one of the chain-ends with a jump ring, and simply enclose the other end in the claw to fasten it. This step won’t be necessary if you’re recycling an old bracelet.

3. Attach your charms using jump rings

You’ll need some needle-ended jewelry pliers to install the charms on the chain. Attach jump rings to the charm you want to add, and hook them through one of the chain links, then tightly press the jump ring closed with jewelry pliers.

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