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What Is 925 Sterling Silver? | Bixler’s Complete Guide

What is 925 Sterling Silver-BIXLER

When it comes to buying jewelry, we often look for two metals: gold and silver. We are fully aware that the jewelry comes in other colors and metals as well, but for now, let’s talk about silver. The type of metal we’re looking for depends on many factors, a big one being our budget. Gold jewelry for example, comes in 10k, 14k, and more depending on what you’re willing to spend. Similarly to gold, Silver jewelry also comes in a few different varieties. You can buy pure silver jewelry, sterling silver jewelry, silver-plated jewelry, and more!

What Is 925 Sterling Silver?

Like Gold, Silver is also a precious metal that is very soft and malleable in nature. This means that pure silver, which would contain 100% silver, cannot be used in making jewelry. For this reason, a piece of jewelry made up of pure silver usually has 99.9% silver and the rest .1% is a mixture of other metals such as copper. Similarly, 925 Sterling Silver contains 92.5% silver and the remaining part is the alloy mixed in to give it its durability. When you decide to buy silver jewelry, you should be fully aware of its composition. After all, jewelry is a long-term investment, regardless of how expensive it is. And this is why sterling silver is popularly known as 925 Sterling Silver or 925 Silver.

What Does 925 Mean on a Ring?

If you are a frequent jewelry buyer or if you have bought a few jewelry pieces in either gold or silver, you must have noticed some kind of marking on them. These markings on your jewelry items indicate their purity. Almost all the high-end jewelry pieces have a marking on them, either on their tags or on the metal itself. It’s a tiny mark, but usually it can be seen easily when looked at carefully. This particular marking of 925 indicates that the ring contains 92.5% real silver and the other 7.5% is an alloy.

925 Sterline Silver Ring

What Quality Is 925 Sterling Silver?

When we talk about jewelry, the first two things we think about is their quality and how they look. When it comes to sterling silver, I think we can all agree that its overall look is beautiful. You may confuse it with silver plated jewelry, but we assure you that it’s much better than that. 925 Sterling Silver is more durable and if cared for properly, it can last for a lifetime. Yes, you read it right. With the right care, you can keep your sterling silver jewelry in perfect shape for as long as you want.

Fun Fact: the more you wear your silver jewelry, the lower the chances of it tarnishing because the natural oils on your body help keep it clean.

Since sterling silver is the most durable form of silver, it can be made into different designs and forms. This means you don’t have to worry about being behind on jewelry trends. You will always have plenty of options and designs to choose from. Bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, and whatever else you might need is available in sterling silver. Sterling silver jewelry is considered to be the most elegant, which is why it can be easily used to build up a look around your most expensive statement piece. If you are looking to get something that gives you that royal and timeless look, sterling silver should be on top of your list. The best thing about sterling silver is that it’s not only popular with consumers, but also among designers. You can find many beautiful and delicate sterling silver jewelry pieces by some of the most famous jewelry designers out there!

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Is 925 Sterling Silver Real Silver?

As Sterling Silver contains 92.5% real pure silver, it can be considered a ‘fine’ metal. Not only is it durable, but it also looks much better than stainless steel jewelry or silver-plated jewelry. The value of Sterling Silver increases over time, unlike silver plating. However, you should always buy your sterling silver jewelry, or for that matter, any piece of jewelry from an authentic source so that you don’t get tricked into buying fake 925 sterling silver jewelry.

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