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What Does a Sapphire Mean? | Complete Jewelry Guide

What does a sapphire mean-BIXLER

Sapphire is a semi-precious stone that is also the birthstone for the month of September. It is blue in color and the name Sapphire comes from “Saphirus” which is Latin for blue. Another derivation for this is “sapheiros” as well, which is a Greek word and has the same meaning. There are a lot of different stories and theories out there that speculate about the origin of the word and the mineral itself. One of the most popular theories is that the name Sapphire comes from Saturn, one of the planets in our solar system. Most languages do translate it in such a way that it means “beloved to Saturn”.

There are plenty of historical references to Sapphire as well! It is considered both precious and even holy in a lot of religious texts. There is a common reference to sapphire being the stone that gave the sky its blue color and it is also said their reflection is itself a representation of heaven.

Heart-Shaped Sapphire Stone

What Does a Sapphire Represent?

Sapphire is considered by many to be a representation of wisdom. It is highly associated with the power of learning and is said to bring a person mental acuteness, the ability to seek the truth, and learn a lot. It is considered to be a protective stone as well, with a lot of cultures known to have used sapphires for its ability to keep away harm. Even kings used to wear sapphires for their believed ‘powers’.

Are There Different Types of Sapphires?

Sapphire has a lot of different colors and hues, and every single one has its own value and ranking. There is also one that is different from the rest for its physical properties. The most popular sapphire is the Blue Sapphire and this the most valuable of them all. The range of blue varies from as dark as royal blue to as light as baby blue. This is the most sought-after shade of sapphire among all.

Other options include pink sapphires, which get their pink color from the presence of chromium, yellow sapphires (presence of iron) and Padparadscha sapphires (salmon-colored and very rare). The star sapphire stands out among all due to its different physical structure, which, as the name suggests, is like star-shaped. There are also fancy sapphires that you should know about, which basically are stones with less-common colors like violet, green, gray and white.

Bixler Bracelet
Saphhire Bracelet

Who Can Wear a Sapphire?

Although there are a lot of superstitious beliefs out there regarding this, tons of people still wear sapphire jewelry and ignore all those ‘beliefs’. Sapphires are, after all, incredibly beautiful gemstones and generally highly sought after. Whether or not you decide to wear it, therefore, is entirely up to you.

Most Popular Types of Sapphire Jewelry

Sapphire, like other popular precious stones, is present in a lot of different types of jewelry. You can see them in pendants, necklaces, earrings and of course, rings as well. The amount of variations you will find in each category is practically endless and is there to provide options for every budget. Jewelry companies such as Bixler offer a great collection of sapphire jewelry that you can choose from.

One of the most common practices nowadays is to encrust gems such as sapphires in diamond jewelry. You will find a lot of rings and necklaces that have smaller diamonds placed all around the center stone, which is a Sapphire. More intricate work can also be seen in silver and white gold. There is no doubting the fact that sapphire is a very powerful stone and your draw towards it is very much reasonable. Whether you buy it for its ‘powers’ or not, it’s a stone that looks great on anything and everything!


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