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What Does a Promise Ring Look Like?

What does a promise ring look like - BIXLER

A promise ring can hold a lot of meaning for a couple. They speak to the commitment and dedication that a couple has for their relationship. Promise rings can look like regular engagement rings, but they’re often much simpler and cheaper. After all, they’re just meant to serve as a place holder before the real deal. Here’s everything you need to know about promise rings and what they look like.

What Is a Promise Ring?

To certain individuals, promise rings may appear to be pointless. If you’re going to get married anyway, why add this extra level to the whole process? Well, for some people going straight to the engagement ring and proposal isn’t quite right. This extra step might be needed if the couple is too young, they can’t afford a real engagement ring just yet, or maybe they’re simply not ready for such a big step. A promise ring demonstrates that you have the intention to eventually move to the next step and tie the knot with your partner.

Couple Holding hands - BIXLER

What Does a Promise Ring Look Like?

Promise rings will, in general, be smaller and less luxurious than engagement rings. They frequently utilize valuable metals, for example, gold and silver. Many include precious stones such as diamonds and an assortment of other beautiful gemstones. These gemstones are also smaller and more subtle than the gemstones you’d find on an engagement ring, while still looking stylish and beautiful on her hand. They can still look like a regular engagement ring, however, with a big diamond and a gold band. Some couples even choose to buy matching promise rings, which just speaks to their love, faithfulness, and kinship.

What does a promise ring look like - BIXLER
Diamond Bezel Stackable Ring in 14K Yellow Gold

The usual choices for these types of rings are small diamonds, unlike the large diamonds such as solitaire cuts used for engagement rings. The smaller carat weight means that the rings will normally be way less than the average engagement ring cost. Gemstones instead of diamonds are also a popular choice for promise rings, which are still going to be relatively less costly. As to the metal used for the band, there are no “hard” rules out there. The band can be made from rose gold, sterling silver, yellow gold, and even platinum!

Promise Rings for Couples

What your promise ring is made of is totally up to you. The metal that the band is going to be made of and the type of stone that you choose will greatly influence the price of the ring. On top of that, you have to make sure the stone and the band match. Here’s a variety of rings in various price ranges and styles.

What does a promise ring look like - BIXLER
Diamond & Amethyst Bezel Stackable Ring in 14K White Gold

Diamond Rings

Diamonds are a classic and timeless option for any occation and any type of ring. These rings often feature clusters of small diamonds, creating a beautiful shape like a flower or starburst. The precious stones utilized in promise rings and other will be smaller in size than those utilized in wedding bands, making these more reasonable than many other options.

What does a promise ring look like - BIXLER
Inspiré Diamond Stackable Ring in 18K Gold

Gemstone Rings

A gemstone ring can add some personality to your loved one’s hand, making it a suitable alternative in case you’re searching for something more unique. These gemstone rings range from ruby heart-shaped rings, pink sapphire corona rings, and just classic oval rubies.

Gemstone Engagement Ring- BIXLER
Diamond & Oval Ruby Ring in 14K White Gold

Rings Without Gemstones

It’s also totally okay to give a promise ring without a gemstone at all! In fact, many couples opt for this option when it comes to buying their lover a promise ring. The logic behind this is that it’s better to save up and spend more on the actual wedding ring instead of this temporary place-holder. These types of rings can instead have an engraved message, unique design, or anything else that makes them more personal.

Ring made out of twisted silver - BIXLER
Stackable Twisted Cable Ring in Sterling Silver

Can You Wear a Promise Ring After Getting Engaged?

If you like your Promise ring so much that you would prefer not to quit wearing it, you can keep wearing it either on the other hand or on a necklace. These rings hold a lot of meaning for some couples, and so keeping them close only makes sense. Wearing the ring on the other hand ensures that you can still wear your wedding/engagement ring on your ring finger.

Should a Promise Ring Be Worn All the Time?

Most people like to wear their promise ring at all times, whereas some prefer to take it off once in a while. There’s no hard rule on that so you can decide what’s best for you. You can also talk to your partner and come to an agreement as a couple!

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