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UFC Fight Night 153: Predictions and Picks


After more than a week with no UFC action, UFC Fight Night 153 is the perfect opportunity to get together with some friends and have an amazing night. The event goes down on June 1st, with Alexander Gustafsson VS Anthony Smith as the main event. Besides Gustafsson and Smith, we’re also going to see Jimi Manuwa and Makwan Amirkhani. They both have a track record of exciting and exhausting fights.

Both Gustafsson and Smith share current UFC (fight night) light heavyweight champion Jon Jones as their last adversary. Gustafsson was defeated in the third round, after having no success against Jon Jones in the earlier rounds. Smith, however, went into full defensive mode during his fight with Jones, but still lost the fight by decision. That being said, chances that Jones will lose his title any time soon are slim, to say the least. What both Gustafsson and Smith can hope for is to work on their previous mistakes. Winning this fight could potentially give them another chance against the current light heavyweight champion.

UFC Fight Night 153 Presents: Alexander Gustafsson

Alexander Gustafsson appeared suddenly as a light-heavyweight contender in 2013. Jon Jones had taken out the greater part of the top light heavyweights without breaking a sweat, so Alexander Gustafsson was just counted as another sheep on its’ way to the butcher. He proved to be a worthy opponent but still lost the fight after 5 exciting rounds.

Gustafsson’s has a mixed set of fighting skills, and he isn’t shy to show them off. He has a good lead hand, with versatile jabs which he pairs well with his lead hook. That being said, it doesn’t take much to take him out of his usual range of familiarity, which could be one of his biggest weaknesses overall. He is still a big threat to most fighters out there (especially Smith), but he is not overwhelmingly good in any particular aspect of fighting.

Anthony “Lionheart” Smith

There is even less to say about Anthony Smith than there is about Gustafsson. Smith started his fighting career around a decade ago, with many notable wins against UFC veterans while he was just starting out. In 2013 he finally made the cut to become a UFC fighter, and since then has been ranked #10 in the official UFC light heavyweight official rankings.

Smith is a bit of an all-rounder and he isn’t defenseless in any particular aspect of fighting. He tends to just stand his ground and strike without backing down. Due to his unusual style of fighting at times, Smith is considered to be a genuinely ground-breaking light heavyweight. Against Thiago Sandos for example, during one of the rounds, he just kept running forward with straights. That being said, he definitely needs to improve his striking if he’s going to keep fighting like that


As expected, this UFC fight night is going to be a tough one for Smith; while Gustafsson has extremely well-defined weaknesses, Smith is not really poised to take advantage of any of them. Both fighters have similar fighting styles, which can sometimes prove to make for some interesting rounds. The fighters know that just as well, so we can expect them to change it up in an attempt at gaining an advantage over the other.

Predictions for UFC Fight Night 153: Gustafsson VS. Smith

Alexander Gustafsson "The Mauler" in a UFC fighting cage
Anthony Smith in the Octagon

Judging on each of the fighters’ abilities and history of fighting, Smith has a good chance of winning this battle (UFC fight night 153). Yet some critics say that Gustafsson ‘The Mauler’ is the more secure wager. He’s got the greater reach, and in a fight where both fighters have similar styles, that could greatly influence the outcome of the fight. Toss in the fact that Smith may still have some doubts about himself after the Jon Jones loss, and we can see that the scales are tipped more and more towards Gustafsson. Regardless of the outcome, we can expect them to give us an exciting fight and make it a memorable night for everyone watching at home.

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