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Promise Ring vs Engagement Ring – What’s the Difference?

Promise Ring vs Engagement Ring-BIXLER

When it comes to relationships and commitment, you must know the difference between a promise ring and an engagement ring. Knowing what each of them means could save you a lot of confusion between you and your partner, so let’s dive into it!

Promise Ring vs Engagement Ring -BIXLER

Historical Origin of Promise Rings vs Engagement Rings

Promise rings seem to have come out of nowhere, but in fact, they’ve been around for many years. Similarly to engagement rings, promise rings were both used traditionally since ancient times. Bishops or pastors would wear these rings to show their spiritual commitment to their churches. Besides them, many honorable people in ancient Venice would use promise rings to strengthen the ties between the city and the Adriatic Sea by throwing the rings them in the sea.

With time, these trends have changed, and these promise rings started to symbolize tokens of love or friendship. This trend started in the 16th and 17th centuries but has since changed a lot. Gems and precious stones were used to make them more beautiful, similarly to engagement rings. The term ‘promise ring’ was first used in 1970 in a jewelry dictionary, which is not that long ago! Nowadays, promise rings are popular among school kids and young couples mostly. The engagement ring, on the other hand, has had the same meaning for much longer than that.

Diamond Halo Engagement Ring in Yellow Gold - BIXLER
Diamond Halo Engagement Ring in Yellow Gold

What Are the Differences Between a Promise Ring and an Engagement Ring?

A Promise ring is different from an Engagement Ring in far more aspects than you might think. Here’s a break down of the major differences between the two:

Promise Rings

A promise ring is given to a person before engagement as a symbol of commitment. A promise ring is a simple and plain piece of jewelry, mostly made of yellow gold and comes in numerous designs. In this jewelry category, heart designs and gemstones such as Rubies and Sapphires are extremely popular. The stones used for promise rings are almost always cheaper than those used for engagement rings, often because they’re just meant to be used as a temporary place holder before the real thing. A Promise ring can be worn on any finger and any hand. There is no particular hard and fast rule for that.

Diamond & Ruby Bezel Stackable Ring in 14K Yellow Gold - BIXLER
Diamond & Ruby Bezel Stackable Ring in 14K Yellow Gold

Engagement Rings

The engagement ring is the ultimate symbol of love and commitment. After you get on one knee and propose to your lover, you’re basically promising the world that you’ll marry that person shortly. This tradition has been the same for many centuries. Once an engagement ring is given to another person and he or she accepts it along with the proposal that means you can start planning your wedding preparations. The hand that the engagement ring goes on is usually the left one, with the 4th finger as the ring finger. Some countries choose to wear the ring on their right hand, but the ring finger still stays the same. Unlike promise rings, engagement rings usually come with precious diamonds and gold/metal/silver bands. This means that the engagement ring cost will be higher but the ring will look even more fabulous on the bride’s hand.

Promise Ring vs Engagement Ring - BIXLER
Ivy Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold

Price Difference Between Promise Rings and Engagement Rings

Promise rings are not as popular as the Engagement rings and they generally come with a simple band along with less valuable stones such as gemstones. Due to the cheaper stones and bands, promise rings are obviously much cheaper than engagement rings. Engagement rings are much fancier and generally, custom made. The materials used for engagement rings are also a huge factor that makes them more valuable and expensive.

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