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How Much Does a Promise Ring Cost?

Newlyweds kissing each other, with accessories and a diamond engagement ring visible on the brides hand.

Your engagement is one of the most memorable events of your life. Everyone keeps planning and dreaming about his/her special day. It involves a lot of sentiments and everybody tries to make it remarkable. The engagement and the diamond are two things that cannot be isolated from each other. Many men buy their significant others promise rings as a token of their love and as a symbol of commitment. Promise rings come in all styles and price ranges, but one thing’s for sure: a diamond holds much significance for a promise ring. If you are planning your engagement, you will have to consider How Much Does a Promise Ring Cost. Through proper planning and research, you will be able to secure the perfect diamond ring for your dream girl.

Promise Ring Cost Range

Promise Ring With Diamond and Silver Band -BIXLER

There’s a large variety of diamond prices for promise rings. These prices start at $500 and can go up to as high as $5000 and above. Many people get surprised when seeing the price tags on promise rings but generally, the prices aren’t unusual for rings with diamonds. Diamonds are costly because it takes so much time, money and labor to produce them. Mining, producing, transporting, cutting, and shaping the diamonds involve huge expenditure. For higher-quality diamonds, you might have to say good-bye to a couple thousand dollars or more. You can get away with an impeccable diamond for your engagement ring if you keep in mind;

  • What is your budget?
  • What quality diamond do you want?

If you can spend more, concentrate on well-cut and transparent big diamonds. In case you have a tighter budget, you can take the promise ring cost down if you take advantage of the following tricks:

  • Select a diamond that’s slightly lighter in size
  • If you fancy buying a designer ring and cannot afford it, try to get a ring that is of the same design but costs lower
  • Alter the type of diamond you get (Ex: Natural vs Treated)

In the end, there can be no right and fixed price for an ideal promise ring. It is up to you as to how much you saved for the shopping, how much are you ready to finance and how much significance you and your fiancé put in the ring. Therefore, do proper planning and make a good decision based on your personal situation.

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