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How to Travel with Jewelry | Bixler’s Tips and Tricks

How to Travel with Jewelry-BIXLER

Taking your jewelry with you anywhere you go is a great way to stay and look classy while traveling. Having it with you opens up a ton of options when you’re picking outfits for the day, whereever you might be. However, you’ll need to figure out how to travel with jewelry if don’t want to lose/damage your valuables. While traveling, you obviously won’t be under the security of your own house, which means you’ll need to take certain precautions.

On top of all that, how do you plan on keeping it all organized? If that’s the problem that you need a solution for, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve done our research and addressed some major questions that come up when traveling with jewelry. They’re meant to be simple, effective, and light on your pocket, so keep reading!

How to Store Jewelry for Travel

Let’s start with how you’ll actually pack and carry the jewelry with you. You’ve got to avoid a few things here, such as the risks of tangling, scratching, or even breaking your jewelry. While tangling will be discussed in detail below, here are the three best storage options you have considering their effectiveness and economy.

How to Travel with Jewelry-BIXLER

#1 Tip on Travelling with Jewelry – Carry a Jewelry Pouch

Jewelry pouches are great because their dedicate material keeps your jewelry from getting scratched or damaged in any way. They may not be the best option while you’re at home, but traveling is a whole different story. Its strings/clasps tightly close the pouch so that nothing slips out and you don’t lose your precious jewelry pieces. As an added benefit, its vibrant colors make it much easier to spot among other things in your bag.

jewelry pouch used to carry jewelry while traveling - Bixler

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plastic quart bag

#2 – Use a Plastic Quart Bag

Plastic quart bags are great because they’re generally sealed very well and made of waterproof materials. Its transparency allows you to take a look at your jewelry anytime, without even having to open it. This option is definitely the cheapest out of the three, so it won’t break the bank either!

#3 – Use a Jewelry Roll

You can also consider using a soft fabric or silk jewelry roll to pack your valuable accessories. With separated and dedicated sections incorporated within the roll, it’s a great way to keep jewelry organized. It’s greatest advantage is that it allows packing many items while cutting down on space.

Roll used to store jewelry

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How to Transport Necklaces Without Tangling

Necklaces are like earphones; they always find a way to get tangled if left unchecked. To address this issue, there are three things you can do; use straws, plastic bags, or a silk jewelry bag.

Using Straws

This is a really creative and effective way of dealing with tangled necklaces. Open up your necklace and loop one of its ends all the way through the straw, afterward closing its clasp through the other end. If you have access to straws (you probably do), this is an easy way to travel with necklaces without getting them tangled.

silk bag

Using a Silk Jewelry Bag

If you bring a little bag for necklaces, you could store them all there with their chains draping out. Simply wind the chain around your bag’s clasp, as this ensures that your necklaces won’t get tangled up inside.

Use a Plastic Bag

An even easier way is using a separate plastic bag for every necklace. You may end up with three of four different plastic bags for your necklaces, but they’ll all be tangle-free!

Bring the Right Jewelry in the First Place

As we’ve mentioned above, all sorts of mishaps could occur if you travel with jewelry that’s very valuable.

Keep these two rules in mind:

  • Take a minimal amount of jewelry with you. No more than you need.
  • Take only those items which you wouldn’t mind losing.

Ask yourself the following questions to decide whether you should leave a jewelry piece at home:

  • How upset would losing this make me?
  • Could I ever replace this?

We recommend you lock up those huge diamonds, pearls, and other very valuable jewelry pieces at home. Delicate pieces should be absolutely left behind as well, especially if you value them greatly.

Can You Bring Jewelry in Your Carry-On?

Generally, yes. It’s actually encouraged to keep precious jewelry pieces in your carry-on bags to avoid damage during the flight. However, beware of metal detectors that your jewelry might trigger. A solution to this is keeping it in a separate bag or roll as recommended above. This way, you can easily take it out before you pass through the metal detector. Just to be safe though, you can always check the terms of service on your airline’s website.

Carry on Luggage - Can you bring jewelry in your carry on - Bixler

Tips for Traveling with Jewelry

  • Take only the items you’d fine with losing.
  • Leave the pricy jewelry at home.
  • Use silk bags, jewelry rolls, straws, and plastic bags to keep your jewelry well-organized.
  • If a piece is not replaceable or has a sentimental value for you, you should leave it at home in your safe.

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