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How to Pack Jewelry for Moving | Jewelry Packing Guide


Packing is always stressful, especially when you have tons of things to move. Just like any other valuable item that you own, you want your jewelry to be fully intact when it reaches the new place. Nobody wants to end up with broken bracelets, missing earrings, tangled necklaces, and lost rings. To avoid these mishaps, it is essential to be fully prepared when packing your jewelry for moving. We have gathered a few important tips for you to understand the right way to handle jewelry items when moving.

First of All, Take Inventory of Your Jewelry

How to pack jewelry for moving - Bixler

Before you start packing, we recommend that you take inventory of all the jewelry that you own.

Take out all the pieces and categorize them according to their type. For example, separate earrings from the rings and the necklaces and put them all in different spots. You can also further categorize the items according to their style but that is completely up to you. Doing this will help you not only get everything gathered in one place but also to decide which jewelry you want to keep and which you want to leave behind. Decluttering will make sure you only keep what’s really important and useful to you.

Once you have chosen what you want to keep, you’ll need something to keep the jewelry in while moving. You can use containers or other storage options either from your own house or from the moving company that’s helping you move. Most moving companies always have packing containers or materials that you could use to store your jewelry in. Every jewelry item will need different packing techniques and materials, let’s go over each of them in detail!

How to Pack Necklaces for Moving Without Getting Them Tangled

The biggest challenge one faces when packing jewelry is getting the necklaces tangled and damaging them in the process. Packing necklaces is the trickiest part when it comes to packing jewelry, but fortunately, there are many tips which you can use to pack your necklaces with ease and without the worry of losing anything precious.

Here are a few of those tips:

Take a straw and cut it in half of it or even more, then take your necklace and slide one end of the chain through the straw and clasp it shut from the other end. This way the chain won’t get tangled and will be safe when moving.
Separate each chain and put them in a cloth or even tissue paper. Now roll them up lengthwise so that it won’t tangle. You could secure it even more by putting a rubber band on it so it may not move from its place.
Similar to the above tip, you can also use cling wrap in the same way. Lay down a layer, place the necklaces on it leaving space between each of them, and then cover them with another sheet and press to seal. This will also keep them in place and not let tangled.
For a solution that doesn’t require any materials, simply put your necklaces in your suitcase between your clothes by placing each one, lengthwise, between a set of folded clothes.

How to Pack Earrings for Moving

Earrings can be easier to pack since they come in a million styles and we can bundle similar ones together. You can always use small boxes to put them in, even as small as a pill organizer. Another way to pack your earrings is to cut some cardboard pieces in small squares, put tiny holes in them, and slide in the hooks of the dangling earrings or even studs. Each square should hold one pair but with this method always remember to finish the packing by wrapping the earrings in bubble wrap to secure them.

Egg carton that can be used to pack jewelry - jewelry packing tips from Bixler

Of course, if you have the jewelry boxes that your earrings came in, you can always just put them in the same box they came in and then just put the box with all the other jewelry.

How to Pack Rings & Other Jewelry for Moving

Similar to earrings. rings can also be carried safely in a pill organizer. Egg cartons can also be used when packing the rings, witch each compartment secured by using a piece of cloth or a piece of bubble wrap in it and then just placing each ring in a different compartment. However, when packing a more valuable jewelry item please be sure to protect it by placing a soft cloth or bubble wrap around it. For the final touch, pack the container holding your jewelry by covering it with cling wrap or placing it in a hard box to keep it safe from impact.

Bubble wrap used to wrap jewelry - how to pack jewelry for moving tips by Bixler
Bubble Wrap

When it comes to packing bracelets, the technique used always depends on the type of bracelet that you have. For example, you can pack your chain bracelets the same way you pack your necklaces. Hard metal bracelets or bangles can be packed in a soft tissue/cloth or plastic wrapping. Depending on the metal of the bracelet, put bubble wrap around it and secure it together with your necklaces. You can also put your bangles on a roll of tissue paper and wrap a protective layer around it. Finally, be sure to pack it all in a solid container or box to keep it safe from possible damage.

After the Move

You safely packed all your jewelry and now it has reached its destination. What to do next?

Begin with unpacking each item carefully, so that you don’t damage anything while unpacking. A few loose stones may come off so you also need to look out for such accidents. Remember when you took inventory of your jewelry before you started packing? You’ll want to take inventory again, to be sure that everything is there. Go over the list you put together when you did the inventory and check off items as you’re unpacking them. Hopefully, everything will be in its place, secure and in one piece.

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