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How to Organize Jewelry? | Complete Jewelry Guide

Bixler Jewelry organizing tips and tricks - Bixler

When you own jewelry, it is essential that you properly take care of it. Every piece holds a special place in your heart not only because of its price but also because of the meaning it holds in your life. Now, how you take care of your jewelry depends on your personal preference. The first step in taking care of your jewelry is to keep it safe when you take it off. Here’s some tips on how to organize your jewelry from Bixler!

Easy Steps to Organize Your Jewelry – Kickstart Your Jewelry Organizing Adventure!

  1. Take out all your jewelry to have a clear idea about what you’re dealing with.
  2. Declutter your jewelry, gather it in one place and categorize it (e.g put the rings in one place and the earrings in another).
  3. Look for small containers/boxes/organizers that could be used to store your jewelry.
  4. Set your jewelry containers/boxes/organizers in your drawer in such a way that when putting your jewelry in them, you would put the everyday use items in the front row.
  5. Now, put your jewelry in these containers according to your preference. We would advise you to use covered containers for more precious jewelry items.
How to organize jewelry guide from Bixler

How to Organize Earrings?

The most important piece of jewelry item (arguably) in a girl’s life is earrings! Chances are, earrings are a part of your everyday wardrobe. Drop, hoop, dangle, stud, you name it, each style to match any outfit. As the earrings hold an important place in your life, it is important to keep them in excellent condition. Which, to be honest, is not an easy feat but still, it’s not something impossible either. There are many things you can do that can help you keep your earrings in your life for a very long time, the most important of which is organizing them properly.

The good thing is, there are multiple ways you can organize your earrings, so whatever you think suits you or would be the most convenient for you could be our way! This is the part where you can use that jewelry box you bought a decade ago but never made use of it. Even if you don’t have one, you can easily get one from the nearest gift shop at a reasonable price. You can store your earrings in the small compartments of the jewelry box according to style. Another way to organize your earrings is to get a piece of polystyrene sheet, cut it according to the size you need, put it in a wooden frame and voila! You can easily stick your earrings into the sheet and hang this frame wherever you like.

How to organize jewelry guide from Bixler

How to Organize Necklaces?

Another popular jewelry piece that you probably have is a necklace. The most common problem necklace owners face is getting the chains tangled when wearing them or even when storing them in a drawer. The whole process of untangling them afterward takes up not only your time but also a lot of your energy. To help you with that, here are a few ideas that you could use: Take a nice smooth wooden plank, spray paint it in whichever color you like, and add small hooks that you can use to hang your necklaces. That’s it, your necklace hanger is ready! You could also take small branches from a tree nearby, paint them and put them in a bottle jar, now hang your necklaces on the branches and use it for decor as well.

You can always use your jewelry box for this purpose but it’s always better to hang your necklaces so that the chain may not tangle and break.

How to Organize Jewelry in a Drawer?

If you have a jewelry drawer, you should definitely take advantage of it! Organizing your jewelry in a drawer is one of the easiest ways to keep your jewelry safe. You can use either storage compartments or drawer organizers, and that way compartmentalize your jewelry items. Or you could mix it up by using a combination of things to organize your jewelry. For example, you could use a bowl for your rings, a small faux china dish for your necklaces and a compartment tray for your earrings. You can also put small tin boxes in the drawer and organize your jewelry in them.

Jewelry drawer organizing tips from Bixler

Where Can You Keep Your Jewelry?

Once you decide to organize your jewelry, you have a few options when it comes to where you can keep your valuables. Do you want it on display or do you want to keep it out of sight? Well, the choice is yours but we are here to help you decide. As discussed above, you can always keep your jewelry in a jewelry box, depending on the design of the box and the space that you have. You could also keep everything in a drawer or on top of a shelf or on your dresser. If you decide to put your jewelry on display, you could put it on the countertop in a faux china dish, or in a beautiful bowl. You can hang things like necklaces and chains on the wall, on the side of your dressing mirror. You can put your jewelry in different boxes as well.

For the more precious or valuable jewelry items, we would suggest that you put them in a box or a covered container and put it in a drawer. That way no dust reaches it and you know exactly where it is when you need to wear it.

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