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How to Layer Necklaces – Bixler’s 10 Tips

How to layer necklaces -BIXLER

Everyone’s favorite jewelry trend is back but this time we are here to guide you through it! The good thing about layering necklaces is that you can make use of anything, after all, this trend is all about mixing it up. Add as many layers as you want. Throw in different charms and chain styles.

But right now, this is all happening in your head. When the time comes to actually layering the necklaces, it’s not an easy task. It may take a lot of your time and still, you would feel something is not right. Well, that is absolutely what we are here for. Let us take you along the journey of layering those beautiful necklaces you own to make something classy.

1. How Many Layers Are We Talking About?

How to layer necklaces-BIXLERS

Always start with deciding how many layers you want because you can start with 2 and add as much as you want. It depends on your personal style and also comfort. You could start with layering 2 necklaces at a time and as soon as you feel comfortable with the style you can add more. We would suggest using at least 3 necklaces when layering them for a cooler look.

2. Choose a Neckline That Accentuates Your Necklaces

When layering your necklaces, you must choose a dress with a neckline that helps in making, the necklaces prominent and, you more stylish. For this purpose, you can always go with that V neckline or even around one but deeper. Believe us when we say a neckline has a lot to do with the final outcome of your look.

A turtle neck could also give you the same result a V neckline would, given that you go with a suitable necklace layering style.

3.Layering Similar Chains

One way to layer your necklaces is to use similar chains, the good thing about this tip is that there are many types of chains available out there, just get what you like the most and style away. You could choose to go with a snake chain, box chain or cable chain. It depends on what best describes your style. If you still find it difficult to style your necklaces you can easily shop for one of those “All in one layered necklace” easily available at jewelry stores near you.

4. Layering with Different Lengths

How to layer necklaces -BIXLERS

You can also choose necklaces of different lengths when layering. This style will automatically bring out every necklace on its own. You just have to make sure you layer the different lengths in such a way that the layer will gradually increase in length causing a cascade effect. If you don’t already own necklaces with different lengths just go online or even to the nearest jewelry store and browse the pieces by lengths.

5. Mix It up for a Bold Look

Combine different necklace styles to produce a bold yet classy look. This is the hot favorite trend when layering necklaces. It is a given that you might not have similar necklaces or chains lying around in the house, but every girl has different necklaces in their jewelry box. Creating this look will be a piece of cake if this is the case. Just choose 3 different necklaces and style them together to get one classy look.

Add in charms, stones, and all kinds of shapes into your necklaces. You could also get some customized pieces and use them when layering your necklaces. Enamel pieces can also bring out your whole look. 

6. Add a Statement Base

Layer your necklaces with one main piece which will act as a base for your look. This statement necklace can be a bar or a coin necklace. Just add 2-3 simple chains to it, either similar in style or totally different because whatever you choose to go with, you will surely end up with an amazing look.

7. Make Use of the Different Colored Chains You Have

We might not have suggested this in the past but the rules have changed. Everything works when it comes to fashion. You might not have considered mixing golden with silver but it wouldn’t hurt to experiment a little bit. You will end up with a creative piece when using different colored necklace chains.

8. Go with the Choker!

Everyone remembers the choker craze back in the ’90s and it has been back for quite some time now. Why not take full advantage of it? When layering your necklaces add a choker in the mix and the other layers should fall after, making you look confident and chic. You can also add your pearls to use as a choker or even long beaded necklaces for the purpose of layering.

9. Backward Styling

How to layer necklaces -BIXLERS

Be a rule breaker! this style will give you not only the opportunity to show off that back but also your amazing styling sense. To perfect this look, layer your necklaces however you deem suitable but just wear them backward. This also means it’s time to put those backless dresses to good use.

10. Be Fearless

For our final tip, we would like to introduce you to what we call the most daring necklace layering look. For this look, you will need those big chunky necklaces hat you own and thought you couldn’t do much with. Well, it is time to take those bold necklaces and layer them up with other pendants or even some simple and classic chains to create an out of the world look. 

How to layer necklaces -BIXLERS

How to Layer Necklaces- Final verdict

No matter which style you choose to layer your necklaces, be sure to not overdo it. a minimalistic look is what your aim should be. Just add as many layers as you are comfortable with, putting too much strain on your neck could absolutely kill the purpose of creating a cool casual look. But if you are a heavy jewelry person, don’t let us hold you back in creating your own style. Fashion is all about experimenting until you find what you are looking for.

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