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How to Find Out Your Ring Size? | Bixler’s Ring Size Guide

How to find out your ring size-BIXLER

When you decide to buy a ring, the first thing you need to find out is your ring size. The size needs to be accurate for it to fit you perfectly. If the ring is too loose, you can easily lose it without even knowing. However, if the ring is too tight, it can cause you discomfort. The ideal ring should fit you just snug enough that it can come off the finger with very little resistance. Ring size also depends on the style of the ring and the metal as well. Some metals are harder in nature and some are comparatively softer, which affects the ‘elasticity’ of your ring. There are several ways that can be used to measure your ring size, let’s go over each one of them!

5 Easy Ways to Find out Your Ring Size:

1. Find out Your Ring Size Using a String/Piece of Paper

The easiest and most common way to measure your ring size is to measure your finger using a string or a strip of a paper, ruler, and a pen. Take a string, wrap it around your finger to fit, cut the extra string or if you are using the paper strip, you can make a mark on the paper where it meets the other end. Now take the string wrapped around your finger and measure it against the ruler or a measuring tape. The length of the string measured in mm is the circumference for your ring finger. After taking these measurements, use the conversion chart available below or on our website to find out your correct ring size.

2. Finding out Your Ring Size Using a Measuring Tape

The above method can also be done if you replace the string or piece of paper with a measuring tape. To do that, take the measuring tape and wrap one end of it around your ring finger, mark with a pen or a pencil where it fits you, take the measuring tape and see the measurements to compare it with our ring size chart.

Using tape to measure ring size - Bixler

3. Find out the Ring Size Using a Ruler

Use a simple ruler to measure a ring that you already have and fits you perfectly. Take the ruler and measure the diameter inside of the ring. Place the ring on the ruler and measure the inside of the ring from one edge to the other. Take the measurements of the diameter and then compare it using our ring size chart.

4. Find out Your Ring Size Using a Ring Chart

You can also measure your ring size by putting a ring you already own on a true-to-size ring chart. Print out the ring chart which is easily available online and place the ring on it to know what size your ring is.

5. Get Help from a Jeweler to Find out Your Ring Size

To get your ring finger measured you can always visit the nearest jewelry store and get help from a professional. You likely won’t even have to pay anything for this!

Bixler’s Ring Size Chart

We have provided a very comprehensive ring size conversion chart for you to accurately measure your ring size.

Bixler's Ring Size Chart
Bixler’s Ring Size Chart

Ring Sizing Tips from America’s Oldest Jeweler

Here are a few extra tips from us to make your quest for finding your ring size easier. It is advised that you measure your ring finger at the end of your day as this is the time when your finger will be at its largest. Also, always keep in mind the weather and your health conditions before you decide to measure your ring finger. Since winter can cause your finger to shrink and hotter weather or a medical condition may cause your fingers to swell, make sure your ring finger is at its normal size when taking the measurements. Keep in mind that the external factors are just as important while taking the correct measurement of your finger. The design of a ring may also require a different size than your other rings, the wider the ring, the tighter the fit is going to be, so make sure you get your finger measured according to the style you want.

Ring sizing tips from America's Oldest Jeweler

Other Ways to Measure your Ring Size

If you are still not satisfied with the methods of measuring your ring size mentioned above, you can always purchase your own ring size measuring tool. A lot of different variations of these tools are available online and in jewelry stores, in different price ranges. You can go on the internet and browse your options to pick and choose the one that suits you best. There are also a few printable ring sizers available on the internet for free. You can download these templates, get a printout and measure your ring size on it by placing your ring with correct measurements on the images of rings in various sizes.

Can Rings be Re-Sized?

As time passes or if you have ordered a ring online, there is always a possibility that it won’t fit you perfectly. For this purpose, when buying a ring you should choose a metal that can be resized. A ring can be resized for up to 2 sizes. It is easier to make a ring smaller, as the jeweler will just need to cut a piece of the band, and solder the metal together after getting it back in a ring shape. The jeweler will then clean the ring and polish it to make it look exactly like new. The cost of the procedure and the ring would depend on the complexity of the alteration and on how much time consuming the procedure was.

Tungsten is one of the few metals that cannot be resized due to being too hard. Rose Gold is also considered un-resizable as it can crack if it tried to be altered. Another metal that jewelers might hesitate to resize a ring is Titanium due to being a difficult metal when resizing.

To get your ring resized into a looser fit is a complex procedure. To do that, the jeweler will have to stretch your ring. A ring can be made only approximately half a size larger by stretching. If you need to make the ring size bigger than that, the jeweler will cut the band and add an extra piece of metal in between, then the jeweler will solder the ring together, clean it and polish it to finish the look.


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