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Here’s How to Clean Your Gold Bracelet


If your gold jewelry is looking somewhat dreary, don’t stress — a good cleaning will make it look shiny new once more! You don’t have to use costly gems cleaners to get your gold shimmering and sparkling. In fact, some common household items will do the trick and clean your gold bracelet.

Clean Your Gold Bracelet with Dish Soap

how to clean gold bracelet - BIXLER
USC Trojan Women’s Cuff Bracelet in 14k Yellow Gold
  1. Put a couple of drops of liquid dish cleanser in a bowl of lukewarm (not hot) water.
  2. Ordinary tap water will work fine but for surprisingly better outcomes, you can use sodium-free seltzer water or a club soda soft drink. The carbonation in these fluids can help release accumulated dirt.
  3. Soak the gold jewelry in the solution and leave it there for around 15-30 minutes. The warm water will work its way into the hard to reach spots, releasing hard-to-reach buildups of dirt.
  4. Gently scrub the jewelry with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Hard fibers can start to expose your adornments. On the off chance that your bracelet is gold-plated (rather than strong gold), particularly, firm fibers can even take off the gold layer! In any case, if there are any spots that aren’t going away, take a Q-Tip and rub it delicately.
  5. Rinse each piece in warm running water. A good rinsing will help evacuate lingering dirt that has been loosened by your cleaning. Once more, ensure the water isn’t hot, particularly if your jewelry contains delicate stones.
  6. Dry it with a soft cloth. At that point, let the bracelet sit out on a towel to air dry before wearing it once more. In the event that your adornments are still wet, wearing it can trap dampness against your skin, prompting minor skin aggravation.

Cleaning Your Gold Bracelet with Ammonia

  1. Mix one part of ammonia with 6-7 parts of water and mix the solution to make an even blend.
  2. Soak the bracelet just for a couple of moments.
  3. Take it out with a tong or a strainer and rinse it under running water.
  4. Dry the bracelet with a delicate cleaning material and after that air-dry it on a towel.

Cleaning a Gold Bracelet with Just Boiling Water

how to clean a gold bracelet - BIXLER
  1. Gold itself can be boiled without any issues but other metals and gems might not be. Be sure to do your research on your specific piece of jewelry before going forward with this.
  2. First, you have to bring water to a boil. You don’t have to boil much of it – only enough to submerge the bracelet in. As you see the water is starting to boil, put your gold bracelet in a bowl.
  3. Carefully pour the water over your bracelet. Be mindful so as not to spill any by pouring too quickly – boiling water can cause serious burns. If the bracelet is submerged in water, that means that you have enough.
  4. Wait for the water to cool. If the water is cool enough to put your hands in, you can take the jewelry out.
  5. After taking it out, take a soft-bristled toothbrush and gently clean it.
  6. Rinse the bracelet after a few minutes and let it air-dry on a towel.

Cleaning a Gold Bracelet with Tooth Paste

  1. First, take a tablespoon of warm water and an inch of toothpaste and mix these together.
  2. This is somewhat of a rough mix, so use a soft-bristled toothbrush to apply it to the bracelet.
  3. While toothpaste is somewhat rough, it won’t scratch the gold surface.
  4. Rinse well after a few minutes of cleaning and check if you’re making progress.
  5. Air-dry the bracelet on a towel.

Cleaning a Gold Bracelet with Vinegar

  1. Get some vinegar and pour it into a bowl.
  2. Drop the gems into the bowl and let sit for 10 to 15 minutes.
  3. Take it out and use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean it.
  4. Air-dry the bracelet on a towel.
Bracelet in soap - BIXLER

If Nothing Else Works, Visit a Jeweler

While the techniques listed above work perfectly fine most of the time, that might not be the case with some special piece of jewelry. If your bracelet has diamonds/gemstones or if it has many small little details that you think might get damaged in the process, it’s best not to clean it yourself. For professional advice, visit a jeweler and they’ll definitely going to help you out. Jewelers have tons of experience with jewelry so this is right down their alley.

Got some extra tips? Feel free to comment below and we’ll make sure to update this blog to help out whoever else may be in this situation!

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