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How to Clean Diamonds? | Complete Diamond Guide

How to clean diamonds-BIXLERS

When someone decides to buy a diamond, they keep 4 things in mind: clarity, cut, color, and carat. These are the 4 C’s of diamonds that must be considered when buying a diamond. However, we often forget the most important thing that all diamond buyers should know and ask their jeweler is how to keep the diamond clean afterward. After all, diamonds are the most valuable gemstones out there and need to be well kept in order to maintain their luster and shine. Keeping this in mind, we have come up with some tips to help you understand how you can take care of your precious diamonds.

What Is the Best Way to Clean Diamonds?

Diamonds, whether loose or settled in metal, will need cleaning after some time due to the accumulation of oil and dirt that it gathers on its surface from the surrounding environment. Because of this, a diamond loses its shine and becomes cloudy over time. Cleaning loose diamonds is somewhat similar to regular diamond jewelry; it can be easily done at home with the products already available to you.

How to clean diamonds - Bixler
Micro Fibre Cloths

Always use a jewelry cloth or a lint-free cloth to wipe diamonds before and after you clean them. Take warm water (not boiling) in a bowl and add a solution of one-part ammonia to 3 parts water. This is where the method of cleaning diamond jewelry would differ, in it you will need to add detergent free soap instead of ammonia, as ammonia can damage the color of the metal.

Let your diamonds soak in the solution for about 2-5 minutes, then take them out and gently scrub with a soft brush. Afterward, dry with a jewelry cloth or a cotton cloth. The whole process of cleaning your diamonds should not take more than 10 minutes of your time.

How Often Should You Clean Your Diamonds?

You might think that cleaning diamonds would lessen the cost or value of it over time. If you clean them the right way, believe us when we say there is no such thing as lessening their value this way. Their value depends upon the 4 C’s, and gentle cleaning will not affect those in any way.  You may clean your diamonds once every two weeks just to keep them shining like new. However, loose diamonds might not need to be as frequently cleaned as diamond jewelry, depending on how much exposure they get to the external environment.

How often to clean diamonds by Bixler

What Not to Do When Cleaning Diamonds?

Hard chemicals are a big NO when it comes to cleaning your delicate diamonds. Chemicals like chlorine bleach and abrasives (like toothpaste or baking soda) or acetone should not be used on any jewelry item. Make sure you use plain water when cleaning your diamonds and no other liquids such as sparkling water or soft drinks, which might be helpful in cleaning other household items but never a delicate jewelry item.

Keep Your Diamonds Sparkling for Longer

Diamonds are an investment, they need to be taken care of just as much as our house or a car does. Here are a few tips on how you can keep your diamonds sparkling for longer:

  • Diamonds are strong, but not 100% safe from getting damaged. They have sharp edges and pointed corners which can scratch and chip if exposed to other diamonds or banged on a hard surface. Diamonds should always be stored separately in different compartments or wrapped in jewelry cloth, separately.
  • It is important that you get your diamonds checked regularly by a jeweler. Sometimes, the human eye is unable to detect any damage and the jewelers are well equipped to help you in this case. Taking your diamonds to the jeweler once a year is perfectly fine.
  • To keep your diamonds shiny, make sure you clean them monthly, if not weekly.
  • Touching the diamonds with bare fingers will make them lose their shine faster. When handling the diamond, be careful and try to touch it only with either a lint-free cloth, a jewelry cloth or a soft cotton cloth.

Other Ways to Clean Your Diamonds

Most diamond cleaning methods are discussed above, however, there are some other options available as well. When it comes to cleaning diamonds, it’s always best to take them to a jeweler or the jewelry store from where you have bought your diamonds. A jeweler is an expert in cleaning these precious stones and it is always considered a safer option when handling such valuables. It may take just a few minutes for your jeweler to clean your diamonds while you tend to other matters or have a cup of coffee.

Another way to clean your diamonds is through the use of special machines, also known as ultrasonic cleaners. These machines emit high-frequency sound waves that help in removing dirt particles from the gemstones, by agitating the liquid. However, be sure to read the instruction manual carefully before cleaning your diamonds using this method

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