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How Many Colors Do Diamonds Come In?

Colored Diamonds-BIXLER

Do you have that special person you would like to gift a memorable and special present? You need to search no more. A diamond is an ideal gift because it symbolizes love, affection and wealth, especially a colored one.

 So, do colored diamonds exist? Yes, they do and such diamonds are more valuable and rarer than some other gems used in gems making. What are these colored diamonds? For what reason do they come in colors and what colors do they come in?

What Are Colored Diamonds?

Natural colored diamonds are made in a similar manner, with one extraordinary distinction. At the point when remote particulates are trapped during the crystallization procedure from which diamonds are shaped, it impacts and modifies the chemical process and thus, changes the result. The outcome is a beautiful, rare, and exceptional diamond with unique colorings – called natural colored diamonds.

colored diamonds-BIXLER
Green, Purple, Blue Diamonds

How do Diamonds Get Their Color?

Even a one-carat diamond requires billions of carbon atoms to bond, and those particles must be carbon to make a colorless diamond. The slightest quirk makes a colored diamond: a touch of boron makes a blue diamond; nitrogen makes a yellow diamond; natural radiation from adjacent rocks trap electrons to create a green diamond; pink or red shades are believed to be because of changes to the electron structure during the voyage to the surface.

What Colors Do They Come In?

Diamonds come in many different colors:

  • Red Diamonds
  • Orange Diamonds
  • Yellow Diamonds
  • Green Diamonds
  • Black Diamonds
  • Blue Diamonds
  • Purple Diamonds
  • Pink Diamonds
  • Grey Diamonds

Which Diamond Color Is Best?

In case you’re after the ideal diamond, settle for no less than a splendidly white diamond. In the colorless category, there are three grades: D, E and F. Notwithstanding for a highly trained diamond grader. Deciding between the three grades is incredibly troublesome.

While diamonds in the colorless range are exceptionally wonderful, they are rarer and command more prices. More often than not, picking one of those would mean compromising on clarity (given that you have a fixed spending plan) and that isn’t generally the best choice.

What Is the Rarest Color in the World?

Red is the rarest Diamond color and the most costly diamond color too. Red shades are believed to be because of changes to the electron structure during the precious stone’s voyage to the surface. They’re only found in mines in Africa, Australia, and Brazil.

Purple Diamond

Pure purple is the second rarest colored diamond. There are a few hypotheses on why a few diamonds display a purple color. Numerous researchers accept characteristic purple jewels are shaped because of post-development plastic deformation. However, this occurs when going from the earth’s mantle to its surface by means of magma.

Green Diamond

Natural green diamonds are also very uncommon, with an expected less than ten coming to market every year. Furthermore, some green diamonds have a trace amount of nickel blended into their carbon. The hue in most green diamonds is because of the normal radiation from adjacent rocks, which traps electrons to make a green surface color.

What Color Is the Most Expensive Diamond?

Black Diamond-BIXLER

Red is the most costly diamond color. In the event that you are taking a glance at white diamonds, the most costly diamond color grading is D.

With regards to the most expensive diamond color, red jewels remain expensive compared to any single colored jewel. Most importantly, red precious stones are fantastically uncommon. Also, pure extravagant red precious stones are more along these lines, as most red jewels have color modifiers, for example, purple, orange and brown.

These elusive red precious stones are found in Africa, Australia, and Brazil. 90% of the worldwide supplies of red precious stones originate from the Argyle mine in Australia. This mine produces 14 million carats of jewels a year, which additionally incorporates pink, white and dark-colored precious stones.

Less than 20 carats of confirmed red jewels have been sold from the argyle mine as they have a low creation of pearl quality precious stones. Moreover, most red precious stones weigh not exactly a large portion of a carat. With the world’s biggest red jewel tipping the scales at 5.11 ct., a conspicuous difference to the Cullinan I, which is the world’s biggest cut and cleaned white precious stone at a bewildering 530 ct.

Is Color F Good for a Diamond?

Choosing an F shade diamond will guarantee that the precious stone looks particularly splendid, yet just if the jewel is well-cut. A perfect cut jewel, when combined with great clarity and a dismal evaluation, will show phenomenal brilliance, fire, and glimmer. Actually, in spite of the fact that F is just the third-best shading and Si1 is the 6th best clarity, a perfect cut F Si1 can look about as delightful as a precious stone can, as and at essentially less cash than a D Flawless! This is the reason F shading jewels, in an assortment of good clarity, is considered by numerous clever customers to remarkable qualities.

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