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Do Men Get Engagement Rings?

Do men get engagement rings

An engagement ring is the first thing in an extensive list of wedding expenditures. You need to take many things into consideration before getting engaged. If you are thinking of buying an engagement ring for your soon-to-be wife, you must inform yourself if men get engagement rings as well.

What Is an Engagement Ring?

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In short, someone that’s wearing an engagement ring is telling the world that they’re taken and soon to be married. It is extremely common in western countries (and not only) that a proposal is accompanied by an engagement ring.

The temporary engagement ring is later replaced with a wedding ring when the couple finally gets married. The ring possesses great significance for your soon-to-be wife. It is a token of your unending love and it is going to be with your lady for a long time, therefore it must be valuable. Women keep dreaming about a perfect ring and men don’t want to disappoint them with their choice.

Do Guys Get Engagement Rings Too?

Traditionally, it’s always been the man in a relationship that gets on one knee and proposes to his loved one. The ring he proposes with is worn by the bride as her engagement ring. However, there’s no rule saying that the man can’t buy a matching ring and wear it till his marriage day. Currently, the percentage of men that do that is quite small (5%), but 67% of men claim that they wouldn’t mind wearing an engagement ring. Either way, everyone can wear whatever they want. If you’re a man and you’d like to wear your engagement ring – go right ahead!

Engagement Rings – the Most Meaningful Piece of Jewelry

Although men desire to present a perfect ring to their dream lady, they also have to consider many other things. It is hard for them to make an excellent decision. Men have to bear in mind their soon-to-be fiancé’s dreams and their own financial status. Every man wishes to buy an ideal engagement ring which is cost-effective and comes up to expectations of their fiancé. They have to balance their financial status and their lady’s dreams. More logical characteristics such as the size of her finger are also very important because the last thing you want is the ring to get stuck on her finger as soon as she puts it on.

Our Advice on Buying an Engagement Ring

Traditionally, it is thought ideal to spend only one month’s salary on an engagement ring but there’s no rigid rule when it comes to this matter. Before spending a large amount on the ring, you must take into account what are the expectations of the lady. It isn’t always feasible to be precise about the cost. Saving up for engagement should always be your first option (instead of financing).

If you find that your chosen ring is out of your financial reach, you can try searching for a similar ring in other jewelry shops. Another option is to trim the size of the diamond used for the ring. The passion and importance of engagement are much more imperative than the price. You must go for quality instead of quantity.

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