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How Much Does a Diamond Cost?

How much does a diamond cost - Bixler

Diamond cost rates often vary depending on the type and characteristics of those stones. Some stones can cost over 10,000 USD, where others aren’t so expensive.

What Determines Diamond Price?

The cost of a diamond depends on its quality and the carat weight, which is mainly measured by the color cut and clarity of the stone.

The rarer a stone’s characteristic, the more valuable it is.

Whiter diamonds, for example, are more costly compared to yellowish tinted ones as they are rare to find. Likewise, clean looking stones are also harder to get as compare to stones with flaws. This is why a clear diamond will always sell at a premium comparing to a non-clear one.

How Much do Quality Diamonds Cost?

Diamonds often sell depending on their cut, clarity and color. A diamond whose clarity, color, and cut are sharp, can be extremely expensive.

For e.g., a 1 carat diamond with perfect clarity (grade IF), colour (grade D) and a cut “Ideal” can cost as much as $20,000.

The cost of a typical diamond of 0.70-0.75 carats ranges from an average of $7,000 to $8,000. A smaller diamond of about 0.50 carats will reach the price of about $4,000.

A 0.50-carat diamond (VVS2 clarity, F color, and Very Good cut) will cost around $2,000. The same 1 carat stone of the same quality would cost around $7,000-11,000. However, all of the prices mentioned above can vary with time.

How Cheap are Low-quality Diamonds?

A low-quality stone, perhaps with graded clarity, color issues, and a poor cut can be bought for an affordable price of $1,000 to $2,000 (weight of 1 carat or less).

A low-quality diamond is often easy to find and is cheaper, but it is uncertain whether these stones are even worth the money. Low-quality diamonds are usually tinted looking and have visible flaws.

Is Diamond Ring Cost Influenced by the Quality of the Diamond?

Of course! In fact, a diamond ring’s price will depend entirely on the stone you choose to get along with the ring itself. The market is full of many of the latest ring designs and each comes with a unique price. Our advice to you is to buy something that adds value to your relationship but won’t put you in debt.

If you’re planning on buying a ring soon, we recommend you take a look at our blog on average engagement ring cost, wedding ring cost, or promise ring cost.

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