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Do real diamonds gl...

Do real diamonds glow & shine in the dark?  




3 Answers

The simple and easy answer is no. Diamonds need light to glow or shine. Even the purest and real diamonds need light to glow as well as shine. The scientific way suggests that diamonds have the ability to reflect as well as refract and disperse the light which in turn causes the diamonds to glow. 




As per my information, Jewels will shine just within the sight of a light source. Precious stones get their brightness from three things: reflection, refraction, and scattering. A portion of the precious stone that has brilliance will shine without light when presented to UV lights. Precious stones are faceted to be reflectors of light. Every feature reflects light and that is the thing that gives a precious stone its sparkle. A very much cut precious stone will truly shimmer in the light. Reflection is the light that hits the diamond and is promptly skipped back up, giving it a momentary sparkle.





Copied from an educational website:

"Some diamonds fluoresce when they are exposed to ultraviolet (UV) rays from sources like the sun and fluorescent lamps. This can cause them to emit a bluish light or more rarely, a yellow or orange light. Once the UV light source is removed, the diamond stops fluorescing." 😎 

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