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Can Diamonds Break? What Makes Them so Durable?

can diamonds break-BIXLER

The diamonds have a prestige reputation of not been bothered by any scratches or strains. Usually, when you wear a diamond ring in your hand, your diamond in the ring goes through all the things that you perform with your hand. The handwashing through hot and cold water, knocking on the doors, table touch, and other regular things like that. But the diamond in your ring stays unharmed which raises the question “Can Diamond Break?” It is true that diamond can break but only with the right intention of breaking it. Otherwise, they can endure regular scratches through thick and thin situations.   

Do Real Diamonds Break?

Yes, the real diamond can break when it is hit with the right amount of force. The diamond is a hard gemstone but it is not too strong like metal so diamonds can break. Typically, diamonds are known for their ability to resist scratches. And minor abrasions that you get by wearing your normal jewelry but there is no such thing that stays perfect forever even the diamonds.

The diamonds used in jewelry making are classified into three basic properties that define their durability. These properties are as follows:

Can diamonds break-BIXLER

The Hardness of the Diamond

This tells us how easily this diamond is scratched. Luckily, diamond is hard enough to be broken normally which is an advantage for women as they can keep their diamond jewelry shiny, scratch-free, and long-lasting with a little care. But there is one thing to be mentioned here in detail. The diamond’s hardness comes from its complex crystal structure and diamond has 5 times more hardness than any of other carbides.  The diamond’s hardness can vary from edge to edge. Some edges are prone to chipping when they are hit with a shock. The experts in the field of diamond cutting use gemstone hardness information to cut any gemstone. This is why diamond cutting and shaping is considered a very tough task.

The Toughness of the Diamond

This is the diamond’s ability to resist breakage and chipping. This is also the Achilles heel of the diamond. Diamond can break or fracture when it is hit with a heavy rock or metal. We all know that a diamond structure is formed with chemical bonds. So, the chance of fracture or chipper happens where diamond crystal bonds are weak. These edges/points are known as cleavage planes. A cubic diamond has four cleavage planes. So, these four edges are a weak point and can be broken. The most common natural form of diamond is octahedron. It is like a triangle on every side which makes the chipping easy.

Stability in a Diamond

This defines how well a gemstone can resist chemicals and thermal shock. A diamond can handle some extreme temperatures but if it is too high, it may cause some damage to the stone, but it doesn’t happen in regular routines. As for chemical reactions, the diamond is invulnerable to any acid.

Based on these traits, a diamond can be broken. There is no particular reason to break diamonds except to shape them or when they are damaged. The small pieces or scrap of diamond cutting can also be used to cut mirrors and in other uses.

Colored Diamond

What Can Break a Diamond?

A small diamond can be crushed into pieces by a hammer with proper strike force because it is delicate in comparison with any metal objects. But diamonds are precious and expensive, so they are only cut in their shapes. Shaping a diamond is a very important process and it is done on every diamond. The diamond breaks into different shapes like Round, Heart, Radiant, Princess, Halo, Geometric, etc. People who were experts in cutting diamond were known for different techniques to cut the diamond into several shapes. With the technological advances, now diamonds are sawn, or laser cut which makes the precise cut and saves the wrong calls all along.

What Method is Used to Break the Diamonds?

Diamonds breaking is done by using laser and water together. This process can also be used to cut the diamond into small pieces like when there is a big diamond, it can be breaking into several small pieces depending on its size. The laser-cut the diamond whereas the water is used to cool diamond because laser cutting of diamonds produces heat. However, that heat is controlled by dipping the diamonds in the water.

Using By-Products of Diamonds


Considering diamond is very expensive, the small pieces of diamond that are basically the by-product can also be used in jewelry, watches, clothes, and many other products. Some pieces are really small while some are big. They are weighed in carat and then used in other products. Some people even buy the diamonds as they have quite the fondness for diamonds. So, it never really goes to any waste.

Then the next step is polishing of diamond and its small pieces. While polishing, it still needs careful attention as you don’t want to chip the edges and want to look beautiful. Lastly, when diamonds are used in jewelry making, they are set in a way that keeps them at their place and saves them from potential hits. It is supposed to last forever but in case, your diamond seems loose in your jewelry setting, make sure you get that fixed otherwise, it can be lost or break.   

Fun Fact: The Biggest Diamond in the World Is “Kohinoor”.

can diamonds break-BIXLER
KOHINOOR Diamond on the blue background.

Its weight is 105.6 carat and it is the property of British Queen Elizabeth. It was mined in Kollur mine in India and originally the uncut diamond was 793 carat which is the biggest diamond so far. The shape of this diamond is oval. The diamond is publicly displayed in the Jewel House at the Tower of London. The price of this diamond is around $10 to $12 billion. Although this diamond is currently the property of Crown Jewels, there are 2 countries, India and Pakistan who claim to be the rightful owner of this diamond. The matter, however, is not resolved yet and still runs as a controversy.  

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