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10 Best Places To Elope Around the Globe

Best places to elope around the world - BIXLER

Weddings can be beautiful, life-changing events, yet they can likewise cost a ton of money and be an annoyance to plan. If you decide to elope, however, you can leave the stress behind and have a truly memorable experience. There are so many beautiful places around the world, so just skip the big-wedding stress and run away to one of these fascinating and charming spots for the perfect ceremony.

#1 of 10 Best Places To Elope: The Blue Waters of Lake Louise (Canada)

 Best Places to Elope - BIXLER

The deep blue blended with the surrounding nature makes this lake look like a work of art. To make it even better, this lake is set in the Banff National Park, where you can see some snow-topped mountains in the background. You can be sure that your wedding pictures will be anything but ordinary. Best of all, after you say your vows and finally tie the knot, you can go cross-country skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, and even ice climbing.

#2 of 10 Best Places To Elope: Glen Oaks Big Sur (California)

Best Places to Elope - BIXLER

Glen Oaks is a place for true nature lovers. There are several rooms that you can choose from, and they’re all set deep in the forest. If you find streams of water peaceful just like we do, have no worries because there’s one of those as well! Going for walks through this forest will surely make your stress disappear. The lodges you’ll be staying at are both vintage-looking on the outside and modern on the inside, the perfect mix for a location like this. As for the ceremony itself, you can have it either in the forest or close to the water stream.

#3 of 10: The Rainforest of Tofino Beach (Canada)

Best Places to Elope - BIXLER

Surrounded by towering trees and with the sound of the ocean waves in the background, this is one of the most intimate ceremonies you can organize for your lover. You can then take the party to the beach and end your day by watching the summer sunset over the Pacific Ocean.

#4 of 10: A Gondola on Long Beach, California

Best Places to Elope - BIXLER

One of the things that make this spot so special is the enchanting canals of Naples Islands and its well trained Gondoliers. Moreover, you’ll get to see the meandering canals, five bridges, calm bays, and million-dollar homes. This makes for a memorable romantic adventure for both the bride and the groom. If you live on the west side of the US, this is the spot for you. Get a European experience without actually having to go all the way to Europe.

#5 of 10: Eureka Springs (USA)

Best Places to Elope - BIXLER

A wedding in Eureka Springs is something no one will be able to easily beat. The city was formally established on Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 1880. It has since become a go-to place for beautiful wedding ceremonies.

# 6 of 10: White Sands National Monument (New Mexico, USA)

Wedding at the white sands national monument - BIXLER

If you live anywhere close to New Mexico, this national treasure should definitely be on your shortlist. Here you can enjoy 360-degree sunsets and amazing sand that’s actually made of crushed gypsum. What does that mean? Even when it’s extremely hot, the sand stays cool to the touch. What better way to make your wedding pictures pop than the white dunes and blue skies that can be found here.

#7 out of 10 Best Places To Elope: Rice Fields in Bali, Indonesia

Wedding ceremony in Bali - BIXLER

This enchanting place is situated in the middle of the emerald rice paddies and the profound stream valleys of Bali. On this island, it is well known that this is a go-to wedding spot. The background tones of gold and green make a perfect mix for the nature lovers out there.

#8 of 10 Best Places To Elope: Cherry Blossom Trees in Kyoto

Best Places to Elope-BIXLER

Japan is the ideal wedding location for couples who are searching for something extraordinary. There’s really no other place on the planet that understands how to perfectly mix the rich and the abnormal. The cherry bloom signifies life and beauty, which is mystically significant as you say your vows. With its captivating landscapes, it’s unimaginable not to be attracted by what Japan has to offer.

#9 Of 10 Best Places To Elope: Wahclella Falls Elopement (Portland Oregon)

Best Places to Elope - BIXLER

Wahclella Falls is one of the more breathtaking waterfalls in the US and certainly justified regardless of the 2.4-mile round-trip climb to see. Its upper falls are 15-25 feet, which can make for a beautiful background for your wedding pictures.

Last But Not Least: The Snowy Mountain in Queens town (NZ)

Wedding ceremony on top of a mountan

If you’re known to be more adventurous than your peers, taking your vows on top of a snow-capped peak is right in your alley. To get there, you and your partner will need to be dropped off by a helicopter and then brought back down the same way to the lodge where you can stay after that.

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