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How Much Does An Average Wedding Band Cost?

How Much Does An Average Wedding Band Cost?-BIXLER

Your wedding is undoubtedly going to be the happiest day of your life. Before the big day, however, you’ll have to worry about your wedding bands among other things. If you didn’t know already, wedding bands have a different cost than the average engagement ring. Here’s the average wedding band cost to guide you through wedding shopping.

What is a Wedding Band?

Average Wedding Band Cost - BIXLER

A traditional wedding band or a wedding ring is a circular shaped jewelry piece made of gold, platinum, or tungsten. The wedding band goes on the ring finger of the left hand for both the bride and the groom. It has been a tradition for centuries that the bride and the groom exchange wedding bands on their wedding day during the ceremony. These wedding bands are used to bind the love between a couple just like their wedding vows. People believe that the third finger on your left hand has a vein that directly goes to your heart; hence the wedding must be worn in this finger to remain close to your heart.

How Much Should You Spend on Your Wedding Band?

According to a recent study, a simple wedding band for men can be found in the range of $300 to $1500. If you add a little more design and a pricier metal, the price can go up to as much as $1000 – $6000. They say platinum wedding bands are the most expensive when it comes to the wedding band metals. As for the ladies, the wedding band will always be less expensive than the engagement ring. No one wants to outshine their engagement rings with their bands.

Average Wedding Band Cost - BIXLER

Find the Perfect Band for You

Although a wedding band is less costly and simpler in design, finding the perfect one is one of the most challenging aspects of wedding shopping. These days, some couples decide to go to the jewelry store together and buy the same design of wedding bands or they at least somewhat match the designs. While choosing a wedding band, here are a few things you should consider.

Average Wedding Band Cost - BIXLER

Don’t Overshadow the Engagement Ring

As tempting as it may be, you should abstain from buying a wedding band with a stone that overshadows your engagement ring. Your engagement ring should be the bigger attention-getter and the wedding band should stay as a bonus. That, however, depends on the style of your rings and may not be applicable to everyone.

Do Wedding Bands Cost Less than Engagement Rings?

A wedding band is usually most likely to be less costly than the engagement ring. This is because the wedding band usually has a much simpler design with smaller diamonds or gemstones. On the other hand, an engagement ring almost always comes with a large diamond or even multiple diamonds depending on it’s setting. A wedding band has more focus on the metal than it does on the design itself.

Average Wedding Band Cost - BIXLER

Is There a Difference between a Man’s Wedding band and a Woman’s Band?

The only difference between a Man’s wedding band and a Woman’s wedding band is the size. The man’s wedding band is bigger than a lady’s wedding band due to the difference in the size of their fingers. Besides the size difference, men’s wedding bands are similar in design to the ladies.  

Wedding Bands for Men

Men’s wedding bands come in simple designs and usually without any diamonds or gemstones. Some of them have some sort of inscription, laser brushed design or a matching design to the bride’s band. Some traditional wedding bands have a darker border lining while some men choose to have their initials on their wedding bands a well. Despite the many options out there, most men prefer to wear plain wedding bands as a wedding band is the only permanent jewelry piece that most men wear in their lifetime.

Wedding Bands for Women

A wedding band or a ring is supposed to complement the engagement ring for the bride. Before marriage, the bride has already received an engagement ring, which is meant to be worn at all times. That means that the wedding band has to match the engagement ring design and metal. Suppose the engagement ring is made out of gold, then most brides would opt for the wedding band to be made out of gold as well. If it’s made out of silver, then a white gold, platinum, or tungsten would be a better match. Some brides choose their wedding bands to be fitted in their engagement rings as they mostly focus on their diamond engagement rings. So if you are using the same metal, it will become part of your engagement ring. This way they can wear both as long as they want, and it won’t be much heavier for them.

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