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A Bixler’s NFL Engagement

diamond engagement ring - Bixler

Max Harvat just wanted to pop THE question to his fiancée, Brooke Hartranft. He took advantage of their visit to Nashville to do it. Walking back to their hotel, they came up to a balcony, and this was the moment Max had been waiting for. He got down on one knee and he asked her to marry him, handing her a Bixler’s Engagement Ring. Little did he, nor his fiancée, know that they were being filmed by a passer-by. And definitely not an anonymous fellow. That passer-by was the Carolina Panthers’ tight end Greg Olsen.

Olsen was in Nashville to attend a healthcare conference, in which he was presenting a keynote speech. He and his friends were taking a stroll and returning to the hotel when they noticed the scene. Olsen then took out his phone and captured the moment without hesitation. “I would imagine that this guy would love to have this on film,” he reflected. And he offered the couple to send them the images via email immediately. He added: “I wish I had my engagement on video.” Olsen posted the video on his Instagram page.

Harvat recognized Olsen as soon as he lifted his head, and was mesmerized. A huge Panthers fan, even though he grew up in Pennsylvania, he’d seen Olsen in countless TV football games and interviews. What made this moment even more special was the way Olsen acted during all of this. He was truly respectful and didn’t try to steal the moment away from the couple. And he stuck to his word, sending them afterward the video with congratulations and best wishes for the upcoming nuptials.

Right now, Bixler features three engagement rings from its Factory Direct Pricing service. The first one is Bixler’s Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring, available in either 14K White, Yellow or Rose Gold ($315), 18K White, Yellow or Rose Gold ($385), or in Platinum ($490). The second one is the Olivia Engagement Ring, offered in either 18K White Gold ($690) or in Platinum ($1390). This classic limited edition ring features two Forevermark certified diamonds in the gallery and is set in four diagonal prongs with a slim tapered band. The third ring is the Juliana Engagement Ring, offered in 18K White Gold ($690) or in Platinum ($1390). With its modern and elegant design, this limited edition ring has a bridge accented with two Forevermark certified diamonds and is set in four diagonal prongs. For all these three Engagement Rings, the Center Diamond is not included. This diamond will have to be chosen separately, from Bixler’s extensive collection. It can be chosen through five categories: its shape, carat measurement, clarity, color, and of course its price. This selection will transform any engagement ring into a personalized statement of the bounds of love existing between two individuals.

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